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Note: Students under the age of 18 cannot take adult classes unless it is specified as accepting children or teens in the class description. In addition, ages for those 18 and younger must be provided on our class registration form

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An artist's hand holding a brush.

Creating Luminous Landscapes in Watercolor – Karen Frattali

Tues. 12-3pm,
Sept. 10 – Nov. 19 (no class Oct. 1)
$225/ $235

This 10 week program will incorporate all of the components of creating a good landscape painting. Students will spend a good deal of time determining color schemes that work well and how to use both plein air sketches and photos appropriately for building good composition.

All skill levels, adult. Supply list available.

Experimental Wet Watercolor – Henrietta Holton-Thomas

Saturday, 9am-1pm,
Sept. 28,
$30 / $35

This one-day workshop will focus on experimentation with a wet and loose technique. Students will build several layers of colors, then add subject matter and details as the paper dries.

This workshop is for all levels, adult.

Supplies needed: watercolors, large, medium and small brushes, several pieces of lightweight and heavyweight watercolor paper.

Beginning Watercolor – Tony Bonazzi

Tues. 7-9pm,
Oct. 1-Nov. 5
$90 / $100

This course for beginners will cover the basics to get the novice or those who need a refresher started. Color mixing, washes, and various techniques will be addressed. Differences in materials, such as brushes, paint and paper will be discussed. Value studies and how to effectively use masking in your painting will also be covered.

Beginner skill levels, Adult.

Supplies needed: Watercolor paints, palette, brushes, watercolor paper (11x14, 140 lb.) water container, tape, surface to mount paper on. Bring reference photos to use for your painting.

Getting Better Control in Watercolor – Tony Bonazzi

Thurs. 7-9pm,
Oct. 3 – Nov. 7,
$90 / $100

This class will focus on developing better control, color and intensity with watercolor. Watercolor is a difficult medium to master, the secret is learning to control wet paint on wet paper.

Intermediate – Advanced skill levels. Adult.

Supplies needed: Watercolor paints, palette, brushes, water container, watercolor paper (11x14, 140ib.), tape, surface to mount paper on. Hair Dryer optional.

Correcting Mistakes in Watercolor - 1 Day Workshop – Tony Bonazzi

Sat. 9am – 4pm,
Oct. 19,
$55 / $60

This workshop will help the watercolorist fix mistakes rather than start over. We will cover 3 or 4 ways to save that masterpiece.

The student will practice these after a demo by the instructor.

All skill levels. Adult.

Supplies needed: Watercolor paints, brushes, water container, watercolor paper (11x14, 140lb.), masking tape, palette, surface to mount paper on.

Introduction to Painting – Carol Herr

Carol Herr

Saturday, 10am-4pm,
Sept. 21,
$45 / $50 & $15 materials fee (pd. to instructor)

Are you a beginner and not sure how to get started? Have you wanted to try oil or acrylic paint, but you don’t want to invest in expensive materials in case you don’t like them? This one day workshop will get you started, and all supplies are included. Students will do a small painting, following the instructor step by step. Tips given on the best paints, brushes, etc. to buy.

This workshop is for beginners, Adult or Teen (16+).

All supplies included.

Painting the Seasons (oil, acrylic) – Carol Herr

Friday, 10am-12:30pm,
Sept. 27 – Nov. 1,
$115 / $125

We love the changing seasons and the opportunity to paint a variety of colors and subject matter. This class will help the student tackle the differences in each. The primary focus will be on landscape, however students may work on other subjects. Composition, perspective and color mixing will be addressed.

All skill levels, adult.

A materials list is available. Bring a photo to work from or borrow one from the instructor.

Color Workshop for Painters – Carol Herr

Saturday, 10am-3pm,
Nov. 2 & 9
$75 / $80

Do you have trouble with color? Color mixing can be frustrating for artists of all levels. This workshop will focus on color and how to achieve what you want and need in your paintings. We will work on exercises and develop color charts that students can keep and use as reference in the future.

This workshop is for all levels, adult or teen (16+).

Students should bring their favorite paint and supplies they want to work with. They should also bring a canvas paper pad or watercolor paper pad (11x14” or larger), pencil, eraser and ruler.

Still Life Workshop (oil, acrylic) – Jay Dombach

Saturday, 10am – 4pm,
Oct. 5,
$45 / $50

This 1 day workshop will feature still life and working with objects of the student’s choice. Starting with arrangement and composition, then under-painting and building the painting with a wet on wet technique. The instructor prefers oil but students may work in acrylic if they wish.

This workshop is for beginner & intermediate levels.

Materials needed: Oil or acrylic paints, brushes, turpenoid (for oil), canvas (11x14). Bring 1 small object that you would like to do a painting of.

Passion for Pastels – Dot Stepenaski

Monday, 9am-12pm,
Sept. 9 – Oct. 14 ,
$135 / $145)

Thanks to a growing interest in pastels, there are new colors and surfaces to work on. This class will work with color as value. When you have a solid understanding of value, you can paint any subject, landscape, portrait or still life. Students who are new will begin working on exercises with how to handle pastels, value and build colors, then work on a painting. Those with more experience will be challenged according to their skill level.

All skill levels. Adult.

Students should contact the instructor to review the supplies they currently have.

LCAA Plein Air Thursdays – monitors: Marita Hines, Carol Dale

Thursday, 9am – noon,

Artist working on a painting at Plein Air.

If you love the thrill of painting outdoors, consider joining the LCAA’s Plein Air Group. They meet weekly at various places across Lancaster County and beyond. Drawing and painting from life is a great way to sharpen your skills and share your passion with other artists. Locations include landscapes, street scenes, gardens, waterways, etc. Plein Air events are seldom cancelled due to a weather forecast. There is not an instructor, but many of the experienced artists are willing to share their expertise.

An event for each week's paint out will be available on our LCAA Plein Air Facebook Page at:  A logon to Facebook is not necessary. We strongly suggest checking the page weekly for updates. For email notifications, go to the LCAA  Facebook page and "Send Message" with your name, email address and phone (optional).

Plein Air Tips

Dress for the site. Experienced outdoor artists wear breathable clothes--long-sleeve shirts and long pants to protect against ticks. A brimmed hat will keep the sun out of your eyes.

Bring snacks and drinking water.

Bring a plastic bag for trash and rags/paper towels for clean up. We must leave the area the way we found it.

For oil/pastel painters, you may want to bring a cardboard box lid to keep wet paint off your car's interior.

First-time Plein Air painters may want to bring items they already have in lieu of purchasing expensive equipment right off the bat. Come with a chair and small table (a foldable bench works)--items that are easy to carry. You'll see a variety of setups used by artists that will make you a more informed buyer when the time comes to invest in equipment.

Bug spray and sunscreen come in handy.

Don't forget all of your painting supplies--paper, canvas, medium, paints, brushes, etc. Make a list so you don't get to the painting location and realize you're missing something important.


Basic Drawing – Sam Mylin

Monday, 7-9pm,
Sept. 9 – Oct. 14,
$90 / $100

Control your pencil ... control the world of art! Become confident with your pencil and look at the world around you from a different perspective.

Beginner, Adult.

Materials Needed: Sketchbook, drawing pencils, eraser.

Cartoon Mania – Sam Mylin

Sam Mylin - Cartoon self portrait

Monday, 7-9pm,
Oct. 21 – Nov. 25,
$90 / $100

Cartoonmania is an artistic attempt to draw, paint, caricature and more with the idea of communicating a message through cartoon.

Materials: Pencils, Pens (Sharpies or Bic), Clipboard, Paper (copy), Ruler, Ink, Brush (small, round).

All skill levels, Adult, Teen

Ceramics, Sculpture, Fine Crafts

Henrietta Holton-Thomas

Sculpture Workshop – Henrietta Holton-Thomas

Saturday, 9am-1pm,
Oct. 26,
$30 / $35

This workshop focuses on the rudiments of sculpture, 3-D shape, and viewing form in space, using self-hardening clay with ceramic techniques. Building simple shapes of human, animal, organic or abstract forms, we will turn frequently.

All skill levels. Adult.

Materials: A box of self-hardening clay (Amaco or Sculpture House, check for softness), tools (pairing knife, wood shaped or wire headed sculpture tools), board to work on, clear plastic bag to cover piece, material-like sheeting to wipe hands and wrap sculpture, and a plastic container for water. Reference photos of subject matter.

Exploring Clay – Marilyn Morrison, Pat Reed

Working on a pottery wheel

Wednesday, 11am-2pm,
Sept. 25 – Oct. 16,
$90 / $100 & $15-$25 materials fee

Come enjoy hand-building or throwing on the wheel and make clay pieces which are uniquely yours. You decide what you want to make and we will teach you how. You might want to make something for your garden, house, or someone else. Glazing and firing included.

All skill levels. Adult.

Supplies available at the class, $15 - $25 depending on the sizes of items made.

Additional Information

Prices listed by LCAA member / non-member.

Materials fees are paid separately to the instructor at the first class. Payment for class fee is due upon registration, at least one week in advance of starting date. Send payment & completed form below to the LCAA, 149 Precision Ave. Strasburg, PA 17579 or call 717-687-7061. Please include your name, address, phone, email, age (for children) & list the classes you will be attending.

The LCAA charges a $35 fee for all returned checks. Classes may be cancelled if minimum enrollment of 5 students is not reached & payment returned to student.

Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather. The instructor will contact students about changes to the schedule. Students are responsible for purchase of supplies needed for class unless provided by the instructor.

Withdrawal – before class begins, a $10 fee is charged, but the remainder of the fee will be returned. After the first class, a reimbursement of 50% of tuition will be returned. There is no reimbursement for other missed classes. Student must contact the LCAA office about withdrawal from class in a timely manner.

Note: Students under the age of 18 cannot take adult classes unless it is specified as accepting children or teens in the class description. In addition, ages for those 18 and younger must be provided on the class registration form.