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Holistic Pastel Painting - Dot Stepenaski

Monday, 9:30am-12:30pm
Sept. 18 – Oct. 23 (6 weeks)
$135 members / $145 non-members

Thanks to a growing interest and demand in pastels, there is now a wealth of new colors and surfaces to work on.  This class will work with color as value.  When you have a solid understanding of value, you can paint any subject, landscape, portrait or still life.  Students who are new to pastels will begin working on exercises to understand how to handle pastels, value and build colors. They will then work on a painting.  Those with more experience will be challenged according to their skill level.

All skill levels. Students should contact the instructor to review the supplies they currently have.


Introduction to Painting I (Oil or Acrylic) - Carol Herr

Saturday, 11am – 4pm
Sept. 30 (1 day)
$40 members / $45 non-members & $15 materials fee (paid to instructor )

Are you a beginner and not sure how to get started? Have you wanted to try oil or acrylic paint, but unsure about the medium and don’t want to invest a lot of money in materials in case you don’t like them? This workshop will get you started, and all supplies are included in the materials fee. Students will do a small painting in the workshop, following the instructor step by step. Tips given on the best paints, brushes, etc. to buy.

This workshop is for beginners, or those who have never worked in oil or acrylic paints. Adult or Teen (16+). All supplies included.


Introduction to Painting 2 (Oil or Acrylic) - Carol Herr

Saturday, 11am-3pm
Oct. 7 & 14 (2 day)
$60 members / $70 non-members & $15 materials fee (paid to instructor)

Have you taken Intro to Painting 1 and want to go a bit farther, or are you a beginner with a little experience but not ready for an intensive class? This workshop will take you through a traditional painting process in an easy, fun way. Each student will work on their own individual painting.

Beginners +, Intermediate Skill Levels. Adult or Teen (16+) Students have the option of bringing their own supplies or can pay the materials fee and have the instructor provide what they need. Bring a photo reference or borrow one from the instructor.


Painting the Elements of Landscape (Oil or Acrylic) - Carol Herr

Thursday 6-8pm, or Friday (9-11am)
Oct. 12 – Nov. 16 or Oct. 13 – Nov. 17 (6 weeks)
$90 members / $100 non-members

Do you have trouble with painting convincing subject matter in your landscapes? Each week this class will focus on individual items that give students the greatest problems. Included will be skies & clouds, trees & foliage, water & reflections, buildings & perspective, light and atmosphere, and more. Students will do a small painting each class. Your choice of an evening or morning class.

All skill levels, Adult & Teen (16+), Materials: 6 - 8”x10” canvases, canvas panels or sheets of canvas paper, oil or acrylic paints, brushes, palette, turpenoid (oil painters) or slow drying medium (acrylic painters).


Painting Fall in Pennsylvania (Watercolor) - Karen Frattali

Tuesday, 12 - 3 pm,
Sept. 12,19, 26, Oct. 3, 17, 24 (no class Oct. 10)
$135 members / $145 non-members

This class will focus on all things “fall” in watercolor. Whether it is the fall landscape, outdoor still life or other related set up, we will explore and enjoy.

Adult students. All levels of ability will be welcomed. Supply list available.


Experimental Wet Watercolor - Henrietta Holton - Thomas

Saturday, 9am-1pm
Sept. 16 (1 day)
$30 members / $35 non-members

This one-day workshop will focus on experimentation with a wet and loose technique. Students will build several layers of colors, then add subject matter and details as the paper dries.

This workshop is for all levels. Supplies needed: watercolors, large, medium and small brushes, several pieces of lightweight and heavyweight watercolor paper.


Collage Workshop - George Clark

Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9am-3pm
Oct. 27, 28, 29 (3 day workshop)
$115 members / $125 non-members

Collage is a simple, fun and non-intimidating way to create very exciting artwork. Students will learn to dye their own papers, as well as how to identify and find free collage materials. Design concepts will be an important part of this workshop.

Demonstrations by the instructor and personal instruction make this a great, creative experience.

All skill levels, adult. Materials needed: Large, old brushes, pencil, pen, eraser, x-acto knife. Papers will be supplied by the instructor.


Art by Eric Carle - Brad Gebhart

Monday, 6-7pm
Sept. 18 – Oct. 23 (6 weeks)
$45 members / $50 non-members

Do you love the art of Eric Carle? In this class you’ll learn how he created his illustrations. Students will employ those techniques to create a beautiful image based on his characters, including writing a 1-2 page story.

All skill levels, adult. Materials needed: Watercolor paints, tissue paper, brushes.


Painting the Amish - Brad Gebhart

Monday, 7-8pm
Sept. 18 – Oct. 23 (6 weeks)
$45 members / $50 non-members

Do you love the Amish culture and rural landscape of Lancaster County? Have you wanted to capture those images in an artistic fashion? In this class we will explore the Amish world and paint images that best reflect this Lancaster County society.

All skill levels, adult. Materials needed: Pencil, paper, eraser, canvas & paints.




I Wanna Draw! - Sam Mylin

Monday, 7-9pm
Sept. 11- Oct. 16 (6 weeks)
$90 members / $100 non-members

This drawing class uses the pencil to learn the basics. Control the pencil and control the world of art! Students will experience drawing in a safe and enjoyable environment by doodling, scribbling, scratching, creating sketches and more. Build confidence in your drawing abilities and use the basics to make your artwork strong!

Beginners and all skill levels. Adult, Teen Materials: Drawing Pencils, Eraser & Paper


Caricature and Cartoon - Sam Mylin

Monday, 7-9pm
Oct. 23 – Dec. 11 (8 weeks)
$120 members / $130 non-members

Have you ever felt like a “Cartoon”? In this class we will study caricature and cartooning in a way that has never before been attempted. Students will draw from life…creating pictures and cartoons. Seriously? Can anyone take a cartoon seriously? The instructor will show you tricks and lessons so you can have even more fun with your drawing.

Beginners and all skill levels. Adult, Teen, Materials: Pencils, Markers, Eraser, Paper


Illustration and Invention - Jason Herr

Wednesday 5-8pm
Oct. 4 – Nov. 1 (5 weeks)
$115 members / $125 non-members

This class will focus on drawing and composition skills that will help to bring to life your own creations. From imagination to sketchbook to finished project, the goal of this class is to give you the tools to take your own individual projects and bring them to life.

Beginner to intermediate skill levels. Adult. Materials: Sketchbook, pencils, eraser, ruler.


Animation - Jim Fitzgerald

Wednesday 6-8pm
Sept. 20 – Oct. 25 (6 weeks)
$90 members / $100 non-members

Study, review and create your own Animation on devices provided for the class, as well as devices you have, such as IPads, IPhones, & Laptops. Explore cell animation, digital graphics, special effects, hand drawn and computer generated, both 2D & 3D. Discuss the earliest history of animation (Roman times) to modern contemporary. You will be amazed at the creative power you have in your hands!

All skill levels. Adult – Teen. Materials: Bring any of the devices listed above.


Sculpture & Ceramics


Sculpture Workshop - Henrietta Holton -Thomas

Wednesday, 6 - 9 pm
Sept. 27 (1 day)
$30 members / $35 non-members

The object of the workshop is to teach the rudiments of sculpture, three-dimensional shape, and viewing form in space, using self-hardening clay with ceramic techniques. Building simple shapes of human, animal, organic or abstract forms, we will turn frequently to keep the motion going all around the form. Class critiques will benefit all. The aim is to produce a finished piece.

All skill levels. Adult. Materials: A box of self-hardening clay (Amaco or Sculpture House, check for softness), tools (pairing knife, wood shaped or wire headed sculpture tools), board to work on, clear plastic bag to cover piece, material-like sheeting to wipe hands and wrap sculpture, and a plastic container for water. Reference photos of subject matter.


Clay Fun! - Marilyn Morrison & Pat Reed Nute

Thursday, 10am-1pm
Call for available dates (4 weeks)
$90 members / $100 non-members, $16-$20 materials fee

Come enjoy hand-building or throwing on the wheel and make clay pieces which are uniquely yours. You decide what you want to make and we will teach you how. You might want to make something for your garden, house, or someone else.

All skill levels. Adult. Supplies available at the class, $16 - $20 depending on the sizes of items made.