Summer Workshops


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Classes and/or workshops for adults are listed below. We also have art classes for children during the school year and Summer Art Camps. For information on the Summer Art Camps click on this brushstroke: Information on the LCAA's Summer Camps for kids.

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Note: Students under the age of 18 cannot take adult classes unless it is specified as accepting children or teens in the class description. In addition, ages for those 18 and younger must be provided on our class registration form.



Karen Frattali - Painting Sky and Water in Watercolor

Thursday & Friday, 10am - 2pm,
June 1 & 2
$60 members / $70 non-members

This 2 day workshop will concentrate on scenes that involve sky and water. If you are interested in a beach scene or a pond or lake scene this might be the workshop for you. Each day will feature 4 hours of painting and instruction. Bring your art supplies and a lunch or snacks and join us.

Adult students. All levels of ability will be welcomed. Supplies: Watercolors and watercolor supplies.


Karen Frattali – Painting Pets and Animals in Watercolor

Wednesday & Thursday, 10am-2pm
August 2 & 3
$60 members / $70 non-members

Bring a photo of your favorite pet or come and use the instructor’s photos to learn about painting animals and birds. Each day features painting and instruction time. Bring your art supplies and a lunch or snack and join us.

Adult students. All levels of ability. Supplies: Watercolors and watercolor supplies.


Henrietta Holton - Thomas - Experimental Wet Watercolor

Wednesday, 6-9pm
June 21 (1 day)
$30 members / $35 non-members

This one-day workshop will focus on experimentation with a wet and loose technique. Students will build several layers of colors, then add subject matter and
details as the paper dries.

This workshop is for all levels. Supplies needed: watercolors, large, medium and small brushes, several pieces of lightweight and heavyweight watercolor paper.


Dot Stepenaski – Illuminating Your Pastels

Tuesday, 9am-3pm
July 18 (1 day)
$45 members / $50 non-members

This one day workshop in pastel will explore using correct values and analogous colors in various exercises. The purpose is to enliven light areas and enrich dark areas of your paintings.

Adult students, all skill levels welcomed. Supplies needed: Pastels and 4 sheets of Canson gray pastel paper (about 9x12) for exercises.


Carol Herr – Summer Scenes

Brush up on your oil or acrylic painting skills this summer! These 2 day workshops will focus on specific areas. Our June workshop will focus on trees and painting all that beautiful green summer foliage. July will focus on water in landscape, from ocean waves to the smallest
brook. In August we will concentrate on the human figure, from the beach to sporting events, picnics, etc. We will be working small, so students are able to complete a painting each workshop.

This workshop is for all levels including beginners. Adult or Teen (16+). Supplies needed: oil or acrylic paints, brushes, palette, palette knife and an 8x10 or 9x12 canvas. Bring photo reference or use the instructor’s photos.


Carol Herr – ‘Quick Takes’ Photo Reference & Sketching Tour

Saturday, 2pm – 7pm
June 24 (1 day) raindate – Sun June 25
$20 members / $25 non-members

Join us on this tour of scenic locations to take reference photos for paintings or do quick sketches. We will only spend about an hour at each location to give you a variety of subject matter throughout the day. We will meet at the LCAA, start in Strasburg, then carpool to the various “surprise” locations. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Adults, Teens (16+). Supplies: Bring your camera and /or sketching materials.



Judy W. Smith – Monotype Printing Workshop

Saturday, 10am-1pm
June 17 (1 day)
$30 members / $35 non-members

Many were interested in the monotype process after Judy exhibited her piece in last year’s “Decades” exhibit. Now she will be sharing this printmaking process in this 3 hour workshop. Bring a picture (something simple) or draw something at the LCAA. You will leave with a print and hopefully will want to do more prints on your own.

This workshop is for all levels. Adult. Supplies: 50 lb. paper, pencil, pen, brayer, oil paint (suggest browns- burnt umber, burnt sienna) , glass pane ( same size as paper, no larger than 8x10.)



Henrietta Holton - Thomas - Sculpture Workshop

Saturday, 9am-1pm
August 12 (1 day)
$30 members / $35 non-members

The object of the workshop is to teach the rudiments of sculpture, three-dimensional shape, and viewing form in space. Students will work in self-hardening clay with ceramic techniques.

Starting with building simple shapes of human, animal, organic or abstract forms, we will turn frequently to keep the motion going all around the form. Class critiques will benefit all.

This workshop for all adult skill levels. Supplies needed: A box of self-hardening clay (Amaco or Sculpture House, check for softness), tools (pairing knife, wood shaped or wire headed sculpture tools), board to work on, clear plastic bag to cover piece, material-like sheeting to wipe hands and wrap sculpture, and a plastic container for water. Reference photos of subject matter.


Marilyn Morrison & Pat Reed Nute – Clay Fun!

(Call the LCAA office for dates & time & price)

Come enjoy hand-building or throwing on the wheel and make clay pieces which are
uniquely yours. You decide what you want to make and we will teach you how. You might want to make something for your garden, house, or someone else.

This class is for all levels. Adult. Supplies available at the class, $16 - $20 depending on the sizes of items made.