Lancaster County Art Association

Receptions are held on the first date of the exhibition.

November 22 - December 20

In the Kauffman Gallery

The Holiday Show

A Membership Show featuring “Let It Snow”, “Merry Miniatures”, and Fine Crafts.

“Let It Snow” Award Winners

'Leaf on the Snow', oil on panel by David Gibson

First Place: David Gibson, "Leaf On the Snow”, oil on panel.
Second Place: Carolann Van Wyen, "Crimson Cheer”, watercolor.
Third Place: George f. Chapman, Jr., "Is It Over Yet?”, acrylic.
Honorable Mention: Beverley Felter, "Snow Time”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: John Sauers, "Hoarfrost Whitetop Mountain”, oil.

“Merry Miniatures” Award Winners

'Steaks & Subs', oil by Dan Graziano

First Place: Dan Graziano, "Steaks & Subs”, oil.
Second Place: David Spencer, "Rainbow Trout”, acrylic on wood.
Third Place: Barbara J. Weaver, "Cold Cellar”, photography.
Honorable Mention: Cecelia Cox, "Orchard Picked”, oil.
Honorable Mention: Janet Chapman, "One King”, acrylic & oil.

Judge: Jason Herr

Jason Herr graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2015.
He has shown his work in galleries in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York city, and Leeds, England.
He has contributed illustration work for Mondo Zero press, Kus! Comics, Lifted Brow magazine, and Future Islands.
Jason was an Artist in Residence at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2020.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Debbie Huff

'Crazy Cat', alcohol ink painting by Debbie Huff

Debbie is an emerging artist in Chester County PA. She started to paint with Alcohol Ink 3 years ago and enjoys how bright and vibrant the colors are in this medium. More recently has started to draw with colored and pastel pencils. This exhibit will primarily focus on wildlife and pets…with a few florals included.
She has won several awards for her paintings at local events, selected as an emerging artist for several regional Art Festivals, and has had her art on display and won awards at several international and national art events in the USA.
You can see more of her work on her Face Book page: Art Work by Debbie Huff or at her website

Jan.uary 17 - February 11

In the Kauffman Gallery

Winter Membership Show

Drop off- Jan. 8, 9, 10
Pick up- Feb.12,13,14
1-2 entries per member
Open to all members
No theme
Judged – Awards Given

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Kuerner Farm Artists

Artists who participated in the LCAA day at Kuerner Farm with work depicting the farm.

February 21 - March 18

In the Kauffman Gallery

Garden Show

Drop off - Feb. 12, 13, 14
Pick up – March 19, 20, 21
Open to all members.
Theme: Flowers, Plants, Gardens
*1-2 entries per member
Judged - Awards given
Ann T. Fields Annual Awards for Excellence In Watercolor

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Ladies Art Forum

Featuring work by members of LAF
An LCAA critique group that meets monthly.

March 28 – April 22

In the Kauffman Gallery

Spring Membership Show

Drop off –March 19, 20, 21
Pick up – April 23, 24, 25
Open to all members, no theme
*1-2 entries per member, judged - awards given
Sponsor: Terry Banzett Memorial Fund
Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Dot Stepenaski

A solo show

May 2 – June 3

In both galleries

Lancaster County Art Quilt Project

Drop Off- April 23, 24, 25
Pick Up – June 4, 5, 6
Open to all artists – any age – children, teen, adult & seniors
Theme: Your home town or favorite location in Lancaster County
Donate 5”x7” (unframed) works on paper, any medium, unlimited entries
Work will be hung in the gallery in a quilt like display.
Judged Awards & People’s Choice Awards.
Artwork will be for sale & benefit the LCAA

June 13 – July 22

In the Kauffman Gallery

Red, White & Blue

Drop off –June 4, 5, 6
Pick up – July 23, 24, 25
Theme: Patriotic or other subjects with primarily the colors red, white or blue
*1-3 entries, judged – awards given

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Carolann Van Wyen

A solo show

August 1 – September 9

In the Kauffman Gallery

Sunrise - Sunset

Drop Off: July 31, Aug. 1, 2
Pick Up: Sept. 10,11,12
Theme: Sunrise or Sunset
Open to all members
*1-3 entries, judged – awards given

In the Steinmetz Gallery

John Sauers

A solo show

September 19 – October 14

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show

Drop off - Sept. 10, 11, 12
Pick up –Oct. 15, 16, 17
Open to all members, No theme
*1-2 entries per member, judged - awards given
Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Fair Weather Painters

Featuring work by members of the LCAA Plein Air Group

October 24 – November 11

In both galleries

Autumn Daze

Drop off – Oct. 15, 16, 17
Pick up – Nov.12, 13, 14
Open to members & non-members
Theme: Autumn subjects & colors
Special categories, awards & events to be announced at a later date.
Judged – awards given

November 21 - December 23

In both galleries

“Holiday Memories” & “Merry Miniatures”

Drop off - Nov. 12,13,14
Pick up - Jan. 7, 8, 9
Theme: holidays – past & present, also miniatures & original crafts
Judged, awards given
1-3 original works, any size (max. 55”)
1-6 miniatures - (12x12 or smaller, any subjects)
1-6 original crafts (not from kits)

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Anne Reinert

A solo show

Receptions held on the 1st day of the exhibit, 1-4pm unless otherwise noted.
*Entry Fees- per piece:
Non-professionals $15 -1 piece, $25 – 2 pieces
Professionals $20 – 1 piece, $35 – 2 pieces, $40 for 3 pieces unless otherwise noted.
Hours for drop off & pick up: Thurs. - Sat. 11pm -4pm & Sun. 1pm-4pm.
Parking Lot Pick Up / Drop Off Available. Call the LCAA at 717-687-7061 when you arrive.