Lancaster County Art Association

June 13 – July 22

In the Kauffman Gallery

Red, White & Blue
Award Winners & Judge’s Comments


'Grand Union Flag', oil by Dan Graziano

First Place: Dan Graziano, ‘Grand Union Flag’, oil.
“Looking up, as in admiration or reverence, at this Continental Colors flag puts the viewer in a state of awe. Laying the paint down with confident, skilled brushstrokes, the flag’s texture comes alive; you can feel it with your eyes. The small specks of ground poking through the blue environment gives the image a sparkle, electricity radiating from the flag.”

'Blowing in the Wind', watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

Second Place: Henrietta Holton-Thomas, ‘Blowing In the Wind’, watercolor.
“Brief, simple in elements and yet complex in depiction, this lovely little piece captures an emotion. The exaggerated length of the flag allows the twists and folds to speak. There is a force moving through the image.”

'Red, White & Blue USA Originals', mixed media by Pat Reed Nute.

Third Place: Pat Reed Nute, ‘Red, White & Blue, USA Originals’, mixed media.
 “A great graphic image that rewards the viewer the more time is spent with it. Subtle shadowy shapes expose themselves with examination. Joy, pride and enthusiasm in equal parts.

'Stars and Stripes', watercolor by Karen Frattali

Honorable Mention: Karen Frattali, ‘Stars and Stripes’, watercolor.
“A skilled depiction of form, texture and surface. The embroidered stars can almost be felt, thickness on smooth fabric. The large circular center shape deepens with time spent viewing, becoming a passageway into and behind the image.”

'Stevie's Red Umbrellas', oil by Joanne McIlvaine

Honorable Mention: Joanne McIlvaine, ‘Stevie’s Red Umbrellas’, oil.
“Bright candy colors catch your eye from a distance. A sunny lunch spent in the tiny projections of shade under the umbrellas. It’s a brief, directly painted impression of a sweet intimate moment.”


'Blue Moon Redux', watercolor by Jerry Brown

First Place: Jerry Brown, ‘Blue Moon Redux’, watercolor.
“The low light and dark landscape provides plenty of room for the imagination to slip into and out of the shadows. A dreamy space inviting exploration. The image draws you in from across the room and rewards the viewer upon closer inspection.”

'Somewhere on Main Street', watercolor by Rebecca Achenbach.

Second Place: Rebecca Achenbach, ‘Somewhere on Main Street’, watercolor.
“The building is represented with lovely detailed execution, from the highly textured brick walls to the wonderful depiction of sunlight falling on the front facade. The viewer may wonder, what is just inside that door.”

'Peaceful', acrylic by Doris Morrison.

Third Place: Doris Morrison, ‘Peaceful’, acrylic.
 “A sunny but windy day provides a pleasant backdrop for the idle boats; waiting for calmer waters. The light, texture and geometry of the boats is expertly depicted by the artist, letting your eyes feel the wooden surfaces and the peeling paint.”

'Fading Glory', watercolor by Martie Brown

Honorable Mention: Martie Brown, ‘Fading Glory’, watercolor.
“It’s been there as long as memory serves, living through remembrances these days and not daily use. The ancient tree is depicted as part of the building, as if they had grown together over their many shared years.”

'Ocean Grove, New Jerseyj', watercolor by Elaine Gross

Honorable Mention: Elaine Gross, ‘Ocean Grove, New Jersey’, watercolor.
“Summer day – heat & sun; all represented in this lovely painting of a well cared for camp cottage. The cool of the shaded areas contrasts with the bright colorful flowers. Who wouldn’t enjoy an afternoon visit?”

JUDGE: Jeremy Waak
Jeremy was born in Lincoln, NE and moved to Lancaster, PA after grad school.
After working in higher education for 16 years, he is now a full time sculptor with a studio in center city Lancaster.
His work deals with human rituals, relationships to technology, and humor.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Carolann Van Wyen: “Day Dreaming"

'Market Treasures', oil painting by Carolann Van Wyen
“Market Treasures”, oil by Carolann Van Wyen

Carolann began her journey in watercolor in 2018, attending workshops and online courses. She finds herself drawn to still life, florals and landscapes, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and travel. A member of the LCAA’s Fair Weather Painters she enjoys Plein Air painting as well as working in her studio. She has won numerous awards in a short time including the LCAA’s Ann T. Fields Annual Award for Excellence in Watercolor – 2nd place in 2020.

August 1 – September 9

In the Kauffman Gallery

Sunrise - Sunset

Drop Off: July 23, 24 & 25 (See note below.)
Pick Up: Sept. 10,11, 12
Theme: Sunrise or  Sunset
Open to all members
Early morning or late evening are favorite times of the day for artists. The vibrant colors, warm light and long shadows of sunrise or sunset make great subject matter on its own or as a back drop for a portrait, still life, etc.
Both shows - members may enter 1-3 pieces.
These shows will be judged and awards given in both categories.
Entry fees: Non-Professional: $15 for1piece, $25 for  2 pieces, $30 for 3 pieces.
Professional: $20 for 1 piece, $35 for 2 pieces, $40 for 3 pieces.
*1-3 entries, judged – awards given

Note regarding Saturday drop-offs for this exhibit:
The date of the Strasburg Classic Car Show was changed to July 24 .
That change makes things difficult for Saturday drop offs for the Sunrise-Sunset exhibit.
They will be closing off the street to traffic in the afternoon,
However if you tell the police where you are going, they should let you through.
We would advise coming in the morning if you need to drop off on Saturday.
The Classic Car show runs 3-7pm.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

John Sauers

Award winning artist John Sauers will be exhibiting a wide range of works in this show. As a young man, John won a four year scholarship to the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore. In 1956 he began a 35 year career as a graphic designer with Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. His work as a fine art painter has brought him recognition in many regional and national competitions. In 2005, John and his wife moved back to Darlington, Maryland.

September 19 – October 14

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show

Drop off - Sept. 10, 11, 12
Pick up –Oct. 15, 16, 17
Open to all members, No theme
*1-2 entries per member, judged - awards given
Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Fair Weather Painters

Open to members of the LCAA’s plein air group,
1-2 pieces per artist

October 24 – November 11

In both galleries

Autumn Daze

Drop off – Oct. 15, 16, 17
Pick up – Nov.12, 13, 14
Open to members & non-members
Theme: Autumn subjects & colors
Special categories, awards & events to be announced at a later date.
Judged – awards given

November 21 - December 23

In the Kauffman Gallery

“Holiday Memories” & “Merry Miniatures”

Drop off - Nov. 12,13,14
Pick up - Jan. 7, 8, 9
Theme: holidays – past & present, also miniatures & original crafts
Judged, awards given
1-3 original works, any size (max. 55”)
1-6 miniatures - (12x12 or smaller, any subjects)
1-6 original crafts (not from kits)

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Anne Reinert

A solo show

Receptions held on the 1st day of the exhibit, 1-4pm unless otherwise noted.
*Entry Fees- per piece:
Non-professionals $15 -1 piece, $25 – 2 pieces
Professionals $20 – 1 piece, $35 – 2 pieces, $40 for 3 pieces unless otherwise noted.
Hours for drop off & pick up: Thurs. - Sat. 11pm -4pm & Sun. 1pm-4pm.
Parking Lot Pick Up / Drop Off Available. Call the LCAA at 717-687-7061 when you arrive.