Receptions are held on the first date of the exhibition.

August 6 - September 7

In the Kauffman Gallery

Water Works
Award Winners & Judges' Comments




"Chincoteague Marsh" by Justin Woytowitz


"By the Sea" by Susan Bloomfield


"Noreaster" by Matthew R. Smith


Honorable Mentions in the Professional Category


"Sea Grapes" by Leland Gage


"Woodcrest Reflections" by Bob Grobengieser


"Ready to Paint" by Judy W. Smith




"The Last Desert Lake" by Chryst Ruth


"Hidden Falles" by Kevin Miller


"Cape Ann Kayaks" by Roy E. Webb


Honorable Mentions in the Non-Professional Category


"Tranquil Ocean" by Anne Rehrer

  • Anne Rehrer, “Tranquil Ocean’, acrylic, ink, mica, resin.



"Honeymoon on the Rocks" by Beverley Felter

  • Beverley Felter, ‘Honeymoon on the Rocks’, oil.


"Waiting for a Swim" by Ellen Jenkins

  • Ellen Jenkins, ‘Waiting for a Swim’, photography.


Judge: Peg Richards

Peg Richards is known locally for her mixed media drawings and watercolors using graphics, words, numbers and quilt patterns. Peg earned her B.A. of Art from Millersville University, exhibits locally and is a member of the Echo Valley Art Group.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Darby Bolich

Darby Bolich enjoys exhibiting her work and feels very honored to show her work here at the LCAA this summer. Her favorite art at the present time is mixed media. The majority of her pieces are done in colored pencil.

Darby grew up in Maryland and moved to Pennsylvania when she married. She started with crafts, selling her work at locations such as Kitchen Kettle Village. Then she switched to painting, taking lessons in various mediums. Since then she has received a number of award ribbons for her work.


Sept. 17 – Oct. 12

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show

  • Drop off - Sept. 8, 9, 10 (& pick up of work from the Water Works Exhibit)
  • Pick up – Oct. 13, 14, 15
  • Open to all members, No Theme
  • 1-2 entries per member, judged - awards given Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

The Fall Membership Show is open to all current members. This show does not have a theme. Thus, a variety of subject matter, styles ad mediums will be accepted. Members may enter one or two pieces. Entry fees are $10 per piece for non-professionals and $15 per piece for professionals. In addition to our usual cash awards, the Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor will be given.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Senior Showcase - "Small Works"

  • Artists 65+
  • Small works (11x14 or smaller)

The LCAA appreciates and values our senior members and have scheduled a special exhibit just for seniors. Our Senior Show will be held along with our Fall Membership Show and will feature artists 65 and over. It is open to both members and non-members, so we are asking our members to reach out to other senior artists that they know and encourage them to participate. We will have fliers that can be handed out with all the information.

Due to space, we must limit artwork to 11” by 14” or smaller (framed size). One piece per artist, any subject, medium or style are acceptable. There is a small $5 entry fee and awards will be given.


Oct. 22 – Nov. 9

In the Kauffman Gallery

“The Thrifty Thing!” Halloween Shoppe & Night Gallery Revisited

  • Drop off – Oct. 13, 14, 15
  • Pick up – Nov. 10, 11, 12
  • Halloween thrift shop & art & craft show, features art, crafts, art supplies, Halloween & non-Halloween items, open to all, any age, children-adult artwork & craft entries must be for sale, 50/50% commission.

The LCAA’s haunted thrift shop will feature a variety of items from fairly normal to spooky to weird and all will be for sale at bargain prices! We will be incorporating our Used Art Supplies Sale, an Artwork & Craft Sale as well as Halloween & Seasonal items in this LCAA fundraiser. Join us on Saturday evening, October 21, for our special Preview Evening and get first chance at all the bargains.

Used Art Supplies Sale: Donations can be dropped off at the LCAA anytime during our usual business hours. These can include any art or craft materials including paint, paper, canvas, easels, drawing tools, frames, art books, etc. Items must be donated in full.

Artwork and Craft Sale

Artist may enter one to ten pieces for the sale. There is a flat $5 per person fee to be in the show. All work must be for sale and the LCAA will take a 50% commission on sales. You may also donate the entire sale to the LCAA if you wish. There will be a special priced $50 and $25 under secdtions. Work does not have to be Halloween inspired and can be framed or unframed. (Unframed pieces will be hung with pushpins.) Work must be smaller than 50 inches in any direction. You may enter pieces that have been in past LCAA exhibits and work can be older than our usual three year guideline. Open to everyone, members, non-members, children to adult. People’s Choice Awards will be given.

Halloween and Seasonal Items

Clean out your attic or garage of all of those items and decorations that you no longer use and donate them to the LCAA’s thrift shop! We ask that you only bring items in good shape - that are clean and not broken or worn out. Small items should be brought to the LCAA in boxes. We want Halloween or autumn inspired items but will consider other items as well. Check with Carol in the LCAA office for acceptability. We will accept these donations starting October 1 during our usual business hours. Items must b donated in entirety.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Night Gallery Revisited

Attention Night Gallery artists! Do you still have artwork that was exhibited during one of our Night Gallery fundraisers? If you do, bring it in for this recap of our popular 8 year fund-raiser. Work can be either for sale or not for sale. The LCAA will take its usual 30% commission on sales. People’s Choice Awards will be given.


Nov. 19 - Dec. 23

In the Kauffman Gallery

Holiday Show

  • Drop off - Nov. 10, 11, 12 Pick up - Jan. 4-7
  • Theme: to be announced later
  • 1-2 original works, any size(max. 55”) or subjects
  • 1-6 miniatures- (10x10 or smaller), Peoples Choice Awards

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Carol S. Herr

Entry fees for the Winter, Spring, and Fall membership shows are $10 non-professionals & $15 professionals unless otherwise noted. Theme shows will have various entry fees. All will be listed in advance of the exhibits.

Watch your newsletter for changes to the schedule throughout the year.

Please note that drop off days are Friday, Saturday & Sunday for most shows.