Art Exhibits at the 
Lancaster County Art Association

Receptions are held on the first date of the exhibition.

Sept. 30 – Oct. 25

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show
Award Winners & Judge’s Comments

To see images of all of the award winners, click here.

Professional Category

First Place: Catherine J. Herbert, 'Refuge', acrylic on paper.

First Place:
Catherine J. Herbert, “Refuge”, acrylic on paper. –
“I was pulled into this piece by a feeling of lonesomeness.”

Second Place:
Lora Stern, “Cooper”, oil. –
“Not your typical dog portrait! Chosen for its unusual composition.”

Third Place:
Dot Stepenaski, “Trees of Chanticleer”. pastel. –
“This pastel of two trees, I was drawn in by the color usage in the tree bark.”

Honorable Mention:
Kay Walker, “Outer Limits of Millersville”, watercolor. –
“Atmospheric delight!”

Honorable Mention:
Lydia Geiger, “Slow Burn”, mixed media. –
“Tiny little delight!”

Honorable Mention:
Beth Mugglin, “Treads and Tracks”, photography. –
“This reminds me to take in the very smallest aspects of nature. Do not overlook these small delights.” 

Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

'Summer 2018 / Wet', watercolor by Judy W. Smith

Judy W. Smith, “Summer 2018 / Wet”, watercolor. –
“I absolutely believe that the figure in this painting is in the rain – possibly the artist as well – delightful!”

Non-Professional Category

First Place: Scott Steimel, 'Niquette Bay', acrylic on paper.

First Place:
Scott Steimel, “Niquette Bay”, acrylic on paper. –
“Painterly quality with a strong use of color.”

Second Place:
Ellen Jenkins, “Cleome #2”, photography. –
“The abstract quality of this piece drew me over to look again and again.”

Third Place:
Chuck Belensky, “The Hunt”, oil on birch. –
“Backlit and very dynamic.”

Honorable Mention:
Elaine Howe, “Hollyhocks”, watercolor batik. –
“Lovely rice painting, looks like a quilt, love the line work.”

Honorable Mention:
Marti Early, “Healer”, watercolor. –
“Lovely watercolor in a more controlled manner.”

Honorable Mention:
Phiroza Kapadia, “Moonbeams”, mixed media. –
“This abstract is beautifully designed.”

Judge: Susan Davitti Darling

Susan has been involved in the local art scene for over 30 years. Her work is in private collections and the collections of Elizabethtown College and the Arts Hotel in Lancaster. Susan has worked commercially in the art business as well, most recently for Nissley Vineyards.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Kelsey Showalter

Drawing by Kelsey Showalter

Kelsey has been drawing and making art since she was a young child growing up on a horse farm north of Lancaster. Her artwork has often been inspired by the people and animals around her. Mediums include charcoal, acrylic, watercolor and occasionally colored and graphite pencil. Her artwork ranges in size from small painted ornaments to large wall murals. Currently, Kelsey is being influenced by the new journey she has taken into motherhood with the birth of her first child in the past year. That journey is documented in several pieces in the exhibit.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 8

In the Kauffman Gallery

Mystery Pop Up Sale

1-5 pieces per artist

Entry Fee: $15 fflat fee for up to 5 pieces.

Work must be for sale

Drop off – Oct. 26, 27 (11-4pm) & pick up of work from the Fall Membership Show)

Pick up – Nov. 9, 10, 11

This show is going to go up in a hurry! As the work comes in, it goes up on the wall! Members may hang their work or we will do it for you. 1 to 5 pieces and work must be for sale (our usual 30% commission applies). Unframed or framed, any subject of medium. Even work previously exhibited at the LCAA is ok. Only 2 days to drop off & then it opens! What’s the mystery?

Each piece will be given a special number on the back. When someone buys a piece, we will check our super secret number list and the buyer could win a prize in additin to getting a great iece of art! In addition, our “Still Super - Used Art Supply Sale" will feature a great assortment of art supplies, furniture, frames, books and more. All for sale at great prices! We are taking donations now. If you have something you would like to donate, just drop it off during our regular business hours.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Tricks or Treats

Drop Off: October 26 & 27

Pick Up: November 9, 10 & 11.

Entry Fees: $10/piece

Are you naughty or nice? This Autumn & Halloween themed exhibit gives you the choice! Nice could be a landscape with autumn trees or a field of pumpkins. How about a still life with Halloween candy? Naughty could be a haunted house, a portrait of a frightful person or a scary animal or monster. Which will win - naughty or nice? We will be giving out People’s Choice Awards to the favorites. Members may enter 1 or 2 pieces. Maximum size is 30 inches in any direction including the frame.

"Still Super" Used Art Supply Sale - Oct. 28 - Nov. 8

Along with our Mystery Pop Up Sale we will be holding our used art supply sale. Get great supplies at discount prices! Frames, matboard, paper, paints, drawing supplies, art books and more! We have a large drawing table and several shelving units for sale this year. Don't miss the opening day on Sun. Oct. 28, 1-4pm.

We are accepting donations of art & craft supplies. Clean out that closet and donate those things that you no longer use. Just drop off at the LCAA anytime during our usual business hours (Thurs.-Sat. 11am-4pm & Sun. 1-4pm). Please no magazines, unframed glass or items in bad condition.

Nov. 18 - Dec. 23

In the Kauffman Gallery

Home for the Holidays & “Merry Miniatures”

Theme: holiday at home

Entry fee-$15 flat fee. Covers all originals and miniatures entered.

Drop off - Nov. 9 & 10 (11-4pm) and Nov. 11 (1-4pm)

Pick up - Jan. 3-6

1-2 original works, any size (max. 55”) or subjects

1-6 miniatures- (10x10 or smaller)

Peoples Choice Awards in both Holiday & Miniature works.

We all think of home when we think of the holidays, a Christmas tree in the living room, a log on the fire or those wonderful cookies in the kitchen. Outside, a holly wreath on the door, twinkling lights on the porch or a snowman in the front yard. There are lots of things to pick as subjects for this theme show. 1 to 2 pieces per member. In addition we will accept 1 to 6 miniatures (10x10 inches or smaller, framed). Miniatures can be of any subject, holiday or otherwise.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Dale Ziegler Memorial Exhibit

“Organized Confusion”, a Dale Ziegler watercolor that was exhibited at the LCAA in 2007.

Longtime LCAA member and award winning artist Dale Ziegler will be remembeed in this exhibit of his work. Watercolor was his favority medium and he is known for his depictios of the local farmlands and Amish community. Dale was a veteran of World War II. Afterward he attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Indrustrial Art. His graphic art career included R.R. Donnelley and U.S. Tobacco Inc. where he was Creative/ Art Director. His fine art career included numerous juried shows throughout the United States. He was a prizewinning signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and was awarded Honorary Life Membership in both the Baltimore Watercolor Society and Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

Receptions held on the 1st day of the exhibit, 1-4pm unless otherwise noted.
*Entry Fees- per piece, $15 non-professionals, $20 professionals for membership shows unless otherwise noted.
Please note that drop off days are Friday, Saturday & Sunday for most shows.