Lancaster County Art Association

2019 Award Winners

Fall Membership Show
Award Winners

September 15-October 10
in the Kauffman Gallery

First Place: Scott Steimel, “Grandview Vineyard”, acrylic on canvas.

Professional Category
First Place: Scott Steimel, “Grandview Vineyard”, acrylic on canvas.
Second Place: Carol S. Herr, “Edge of the Woods”, oil on linen.
Third Place: Dot Stepenaski, “Secrets”, pastel.

Honorable Mentions:
Joanne Mark, “Valley Forge Meadow”, oil on panel.
Jennifer Cavalcante, “Hydrangeas”, photography.
Debra L. Smith, “The Golden Hour”, watercolor.
Michael C. Layser, “An Enthusiastic Adventure Dripping With Confidence”, ceramics.

Non-Professional Category
First Place: Tim Ray Fisher, “Red Hills”, oil.
Second Place: Phiroza Kapadia, “Earth’s Call”, mixed media.
Third Place: Dave Gibson, “Hangin’ At The Barber Shop”, oil.

Honorable Mentions:
Jane Wolf, “After the Sun”, mixed media.
Barbara J. Weaver, “Bake Oven Roof / Landis Valley”, watercolor.
John August Shuba, “Buchanan Park Mulberry Head”, wood - mulberry.

Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor
John W. Walker, “Nature’s Elegance”

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Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

“Nature’s Elegance” by John W. Walker

'Nature's Elegance', watercolor by John W. Walker

Seniors on View
Award Winners

September 15-October 10
in the Steinmetz Gallery

'Wind and Water', oil by Beverley Felter

Professioal Category
First Place: Beverley Felter, “Wind and Water”, oil.
Second Place: Dot Stepenaski, “Joined At the Hip”, pastel.
Third Place: Kelly W. Farrell, “Hilltop”, bronze.

Honorable Mention:
Dave Gibson, “Walking Toward the Light”, oil.
Barbara J. Weaver, “Rockport MA #1”, watercolor/tracing paper.
Carol H. Dale, “Early Morning Launch”, watercolor.

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Keep It Cool!
Award Winners

Themed Membership Show
July 21-August 22
in the Kauffman Gallery

'Threesome', photography by Kristin Fortna

Professional Category
First Place: Kristin Fortna, “Threesome”, digital photography.
Second Place: Kelly W. Farrell, "Dancing With the Mers”, hydrocal FGR.
Third Place: Lea Bellis, "The Gulls: Got Food?”, pastel.

Honorable Mention:
Bill Puglisi, "Cold Creek Blues”, oil.
Evelyn R. Burton, "Seek Shade”, oil.
George M. Clark, "Where the Ice Man Lives”, mixed media/acrylic.

Non-Professional Category
First Place: Debbie Huff, "Cool Cat”, alcohol ink.
Second Place: Kay Walters, "Cool Night”, fused glass.
Third Place: David Spencer, "Five Flags On A House”, oil.

Honorable Mention:
LaDonna Balding, "Early Morning Dew”, photography.
Mary Weimer, “Reflection”, acrylic.
Dave Gibson, "Cinnamon & Peppermints”, oil.

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The Open Door Exhibition June 9-July 11
Award Winners

This excellent exhibit featured work by both LCAA members and non-members. Many of the non-member artists came from out of the area, even as far away as California. Our judge Isaac Pelepko picked winners in 4 different categories: Painting (oil & acrylic), Other Media (watercolor, mixed media, drawing media, hand-pulled prints, encaustic), Photography & Digital Art (film or digital), 3-D (sculpture, ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry).
The image below is of the 1st Place Winner in the 3-D Category: “Tritone Burst”, paper, by Christine M. Kirk.

'Tri-Tone Burst', paper, by Christine M. Kirk

First Place: Ellen Jenkins, “Who Watches Behind the Purple Doors”, photography.
Second Place: John Feiser III, “Walking Home”, ink on paper/digital.
Third Place:Jennifer Cavalcante, “Dogwood 2”, photography.

Oil & Acrylic
First Place: Kirby M. Heltebridle, “Sunlite Field”, acrylic.
Second Place: Barry Steely, “Domini Vaccas and the Angelic Doctor”, oil, alkyds.
Third Place: Carol S. Herr, “Winter Thaw Sunset #2”, oil on linen.

Honorable Mention: Dave Gibson, “Bourbon St. Bucket Drummer”, oil.
Honorable Mention: Yunia Lores, “Right Atrium”, oil & enamel on canvas.

Other Media
First Place: Carmela Melchiorre, “Coral Reef”, mixed media.
Second Place: Geraldine Cosgrave, “Maple Leaf Magic”, pastel.
Third Place: Denny Bond, “Brew”, watercolor.

Honorable Mention: Kay Walker, “Maggie’s Wall”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: Miriam Sawyer, “Tree and Three Chairs”, mixed media.

First Place: Christine M. Kirk, “Tri-Tone Burst”, paper.
Second Place: Donna Lynn Hartman, “Banana Split”. ceramic.
Third Place: Michael C. Layser, “Emotionally Decisive”, earthenware.

To see photos of all of the award winning pieces, click here.

 Spring Membership Show
Award Winners

May 5-30
in the Kauffman Gallery

'Sam', oil by Jay Dombach

 Professional Category
First Place: Jay Dombach, “Sam”, oil.
Second Place: Bill Puglisi, "Beauty Fades to Grace”, oil on canvas.
Third Place: Geraldine Cosgrave, "The Silence of the Woods”, pastel.

Honorable Mention:
Scott Steimel, "Amaretto Dessert”, acrylic on paper.
Henrietta Holton-Thomas, "Fishing Lake Promontory”, watercolor.
Carol S. Herr, "Pappy’s Fields”, oil on linen.
C. Viers Mace, "Garden Path”, watercolor.

Non-Professional Category
First Place: Dave Gibson, "Dilly Beans", oil.
Second Place: Christine M. Kirk, "Golden Facets”, paper, pins.
Third Place: Phiroza Kapadia, "Ganesh’s Garden”, mixed media. 

Honorable  Mention:
Bardie Keith, "Time In Space”, paper.
Will Sharp, "Letter From Home”, watercolor.
Carolann Van Wyen, "A Touch of Spring”, watercolor.

Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor
George M. Clark: “Tide’s Out"

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 The Garden Show
Award Winners

Unthemed Membership Show
March 31-April 25
in the Kauffman Gallery

'Heaven and Earth', oil by Bill Puglisi

 Professional Category
First Place: Bill Puglisi, “Heaven and Earth”, oil.
Second Place: Carol S. Herr, “Light in the Garden: Celosia”, oil on linen.
Third Place: Scott Steimel, “Lilies”, acrylic.

Honorable Mention:
Judy W. Smith, “Cyclamen”, watercolor.
Henrietta Holton-Thomas, “Leftovers”, watercolor.
Ellen Jenkins, “Last Water Lily in Early Snow”, photography.

Non-Professional Category
First Place: David Gibson, “Sweet Peppers and Glass Bowl”, oil.

Second Place: Mia Curran, “Bachelor Button Bud”, digital photo.

Third Place: Mary Jane Henger, “Apple Orchard”, watercolor.

Honorable Mention:
Shirley Taggart, “Welcome to my Rose Garden”, mixed media.
Carolann Van Wyen, “Iris”, watercolor.
Diane Gage, “Olson House Geraniums”, acrylic.

Ann T. Fields Annual Award for Excellence in Watercolor
First Place: Beverley Felter, “To Market, To Market”
Second Place: Marita Hines, “Longwood Planters”
Third Place: Jane de Gruchy, “Aurora’s Splendor”

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 The Sky’s the Limit
Award Winners

Themed Membership Show
February 24-March 21
in the Kauffman Gallery

'Sun Dog', photography by Ellen Jenkins

 Professional Category
1st Place: Ellen Jenkins, "Sun Dog – An Arctic Phenomenon”, photography
2nd Place: Patricia Keller, "All Alone”, watercolor
3rd Place: Geraldine Cosgrave, "A Break in the Clouds”, pastel
Honorable Mention: Judy W. Smith, “Delight”, mixed media
Honorable Mention: Catherine J. Herbert, “Desperation”, charcoal
Honorable Mention: Lea Bellis, “Rising?”, pastel

Non-Professional Category
1st Place: Gregory Drescher, “Daybreak”, acrylic
2nd Place: Carolann Van Wyen, "Lakeside Birch”, watercolor
3rd Place: Marjorie Lovett, "Clouds at Sunset”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Nadine Lambarski, "Beauty of Nature”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: David Spencer, "Sun Shining Through Cloud”, charcoal pastel

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Winter Membership Show

Unthemed Membership Show
January 20-February 14
in the Kauffman Gallery

'Driveway Art', mixed media by Judy Smith

Professional Category
1st Place: Judy Smith "Driveway Art”, mixed media.
2nd Place: Carmela Melchiorre "She's It…”, mixed media.
3rd Place: Debra Smith “Holidaze”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: Ken Schwartzman “Soho”, photography.
Honorable Mention: Peter Hunsberger “Vigilance”, photography.

Non-Professional Category
1st Place: Dave Gibson "Oil & Garlic”, oils.
2nd Place: Scott Steimel "Lancaster Central Market”, acrylic.
3rd Place: Jim McElroy "Area 51 #2”, acrylic.
Honorable Mention: Lynne Danyow "Slippery When Wet”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: Ann Klemstine "Healthy Choice”, oils.

To see all of the pieces that won awards in the Winter Membership Show, click here.

Volunteers Needed

Gallery sitters are needed to watch the gallery when the staff is off.

Assistance with mailings or other office work is needed.

Open Board Positions

Opportunities are available to serve on the LCAA Board:


Secretary: In charge of taking the minutes at board meetings and other duties.

Publicity: Writing up and sending out press releases and photographs of events, classes, exhibits and LCAA news.

Fundraising: Responsibility for raising funds for the LCAA through a variety of means: donations, grants, events, letters.

House and Property: In charge of making sure that the building is in good repair and clean, inside and outside.

Historian - Duties involve overseeing our permanent art collection, LCAA archives and our library.

Volunteer Chair: Responsibilities include scheduling members for various volunteer duties, recruiting people for open board positions.

Please contact Carol Herr at 687-7061 during gallery hours with your interest.

LAF (Ladies Art Forum)

Meetings for critiques and discussion are held on the third Thursday of the month at 2 PM.

All women members of the LCAA are invited to join LAF. You may bring work for critique or just come and watch. To check on whether there are any changes in the meeting date and how many are planning to attend, please call the LCAA at 687-7061 on the Wednesday before the meeting between 1 and 5 PM.