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Everyone coming into the building must wear a mask. We ask that you maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more. If you are feeling ill- please stay home! We have hand sanitizer available and we will be cleaning surfaces frequently. The building has been deep cleaned. We ask that you do not enter rooms marked staff only such as the offices, kitchen, storage rooms, etc. We ask that you follow these guidelines to keep you, your fellow members, LCAA staff and others safe!

In the Event of Inclement Weather

LCAA will follow the Lampeter-Strasburg School District decision to close or delay school opening.
If LS schools are closed due to inclement weather, LCAA will be closed as well.
When in doubt, call the office to see if gallery is open.

Inspiring Creativity Since 1936

Artists at the Lancaster County Art Association have been inspiring each other and inviting others to learn, grow and exhibit for over 80 years.
2020 has been a year like no other. LCAA is now struggling to meet financial obligations and needs the help of those willing to invest in the future of the LCAA and the next generation of artists. By partnering with the LCAA you can help keep classes running, exhibits showing and artists growing.
We are the custodians for the next generation.
Please consider donating as you are able to help us reach our goal of $5,000.
Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.
LCAA is a 501c(3) non-profit organizating making donations tax deductible.
Donations may be sent to the LCAA or call the LCAA at (717) 687-7061 for credit card or other payment options.

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Longtime LCAA member Richard Lawrence passed away on Wednesday, November 11. Born in Lancaster, PA, Richard graduated from J.P. McCaskey High School in 1967. He served in the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, 1967 to 1970. While suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the 1980 to 1990 period, he began drawing and painting expressive observations of the war. His story has been featured in the local print and news media, and highlighted in newsletters and book publications about Veterans' stories. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Vietnam Veterans' Art Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
Richard drew from observation, maintained a prolific sketchbook, traveled to local sites, and participated in local art organizations and art fairs. When he was not drawing and painting on site, he worked in his home studio in Lancaster. He frequently exhibited at the Lancaster County Art Association, Mulberry Art Studios, numerous local non-profit institutions, and art fairs in Lancaster County regions.
The image that accompanies this post is from his artist statement at the 2013 solo show of his work in the LCAA’s Steinmetz Gallery.

Membership Dues

This has been a difficult time for all and here at the LCAA we are trying to recoup the financial losses incurred when we were closed for 3 months. Bills had to be paid even though we had little revenue coming in. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their membership renewals on time or early. All members are sent a renewal letter and follow up letters when they are late.
However- a number of our members have not paid their memberships and are many months overdue. We will unfortunately be forced to delete these names from our membership list and they will no longer receive mailings, be able to exhibit, or take classes at a reduced rate. If you are not sure about your membership, check the mailing label on your newsletter. It lists your membership month & year. You may also call the LCAA office. Membership is the most important source of revenue for the LCAA and we do not want to be forced to make major changes to our services and schedule. PLEASE RENEW TODAY!


The Holiday Show

November 22 -December 20
in the Kauffman Gallery
A Membership Show featuring work in three categories: “Let It Snow”, “Merry Miniatures" and Fine Crafts.
To see an album of all of the pieces in this show, click here.

First Place: David Gibson, 'Leaf On the Snow”, oil on panel.

Let It Snow

First Place: David Gibson, "Leaf On the Snow”, oil on panel.
Second Place: Carolann Van Wyen, "Crimson Cheer”, watercolor.
Third Place: George f. Chapman, Jr., "Is It Over Yet?”, acrylic.
Honorable Mention: Beverley Felter, "Snow Time”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: John Sauers, "Hoarfrost Whitetop Mountain”, oil.

First Place: Dan Graziano, 'Steaks & Subs”, oil.

Merry Miniatures

First Place: Dan Graziano, "Steaks & Subs”, oil.
Second Place: David Spencer, "Rainbow Trout”, acrylic on wood.
Third Place: Barbara J. Weaver, "Cold Cellar”, photography.
Honorable Mention: Cecelia Cox, "Orchard Picked”, oil.
Honorable Mention: Janet Chapman, "One King”, acrylic & oil.

Fall Membership Show

October 4-November 8
in the Kauffman Gallery
An unthemed exhibit featuring members’ work in a variety of media.
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

'Oranges and Pomegranates', Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

Brenda Blank: “Oranges and Pomegranates”

First Place Pro Category: Karen Mincarelli, “Herstory”, collage.

Professional Category

First Place: Karen Mincarelli, “Herstory”, collage.
Second Place: Scott Steimel, “Front Porch –EB Morgan Mansion”, acrylic.
Third Place: Jane Wise, “Clowning Around”, watercolor.

Honorable Mention: Marianne Calenda, “Manheim Road”, acrylic/charcoal
Honorable Mention: Dan Graziano, “Alone In A Crowd”, oil.

First Place Non-Pro: Jerry Brown, “Z Street”, watercolor.

Non-Professional Category

First Place: Jerry Brown, “Z Street”, watercolor.
Second Place: Jim McElroy, “Orange You A Little Square”, oil on wood panel.
Third Place: Mary Weimer, “Mallard”, acrylic.

Honorable Mention: Marti Early, “Blenko Behind the Wine Glasses”, watercolor.
Honorable Mention: Shirley Taggart, “Rosnbloom”, paper collage.

Out Bound

August 30-September 20
in the Kauffman Gallery
An exhibit featuring members’ work of subjects or works created in Plein Air (outdoors).
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

First Place Pro: Marita Hines, “Lilacs in Bloom'

Professional Category

First Place: Marita Hines, “Lilacs in Bloom"
Second Place: Carol S. Herr, "Spring Woodland By the Field"
Third Place: Bill Dodds, "Skyline Drive"

Honorable Mention
David Gibson, "The 19th Hole"
Jennifer Cavalcante, "Rita"
Melissa W. Carroll, "Long’s Park Bridge”
Kay Walker, "Ready for Winter"

First Place Non-Pro: Jerry Brown, 'Rainy Prague'

Non-Professional Category

First Place: Jerry Brown, "Rainy Prague"
Second Place: Isabel W. Lark, "The Susquehanna From the Isle of Que"
Third Place: Barbara J. Weaver, "Lake Shore @ Long’s Park"

Honorable Mention
Jestine Andrews, "Morning Breaks"
Patrick Renshaw, "Poppies"

Home Work

July 19-August 16
in the Kauffman Gallery
A membership exhibit of work created from March through June 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

First Place: Scott Steimel – 'Boat Launch”, acrylic

Professional Category

First Place: Scott Steimel – "Boat Launch”, acrylic
Second Place: Scott Cantrell – "Tending To the Fire”, oil on canvas
Third Place: Marita Hines – “Crevices”, watercolor

Honorable Mention

Carolann Van Wyen – "Sugar Hill Shed”, watercolor
Jennifer Cavalcante – “Magnolias”, photography
John Sauers – "July Rural Landscape”, oil
Kay Walker – "River Oats Study”, watercolor 

First Place: Isabel Lark – 'Prince Street”, pastel First Place: Isabel Lark – 'Prince Street”, pastel

Non-Professional Category

First Place: Isabel Lark – "Prince Street”, pastel
Second Place: Jerry Brown – "Rain in the City”, watercolor
Third Place: Jim McElroy – "Covid Chaos”, oil/cold wax

Honorable Mention:
Jane Wolf – "Covid Café”, acrylic/mixed media
Debbie Huff – "Cat in Ink”, ink & colored pencil

Spring Membership Show

March 22-July 5
in the Kauffman Gallery
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

'Wild Flowers', watercolor by Brenda J. Blank

Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor

Brenda J. Blank – “Wild Flowers”

'Fraises', watercolor by Karen Frattali

Professional Category

First Place: Karen Frattali – “Fraises”, watercolor
Second Place: Marianne Calenda – “Winter Blues”, acrylic on paper
Third Place: Dave Gibson – “Chasing Seashells”, oil on panel

Honorable Mention: Beverley Felter – “Dottie”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Noel Fry – “Manor at King St.”, oil
Honorable Mention: Tony Bonazzi – “Peaceful Tuscany”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Marita Hines – “Train Graveyard”, watercolor

'The Track', watercolor by Louanne Van Fossen

Non-Professional Category

First Place: Louanne Van Fossen - “The Track”, watercolor
Second Place: David Spencer – “Sunken Rock Lighthouse, NY”, acrylic
Third Place: Jerry Brown – “Old English Tavern & Inn”, watercolor

Honorable Mention: Shirley Taggart – “Harmony”, mixed media
Honorable Mention: Connie Dianne Yohe - “Cool Colored Water”, oil
Honorable Mention: Doris Morrison – “Black Hawk”, acrylic

To see images of all of the award winning pieces in this exhibit, click here.

The Garden Show: Hearts & Flowers

February 16-March 12
in the Kauffman Gallery
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

'Sliced Pickles', oil by Dave Gibson


First Place: Dave Gibson, "Sliced Pickles”, oil.
Second Place: Marita Hines, “Rhododendron”, watercolor.
Third Place: Beverley Felter, "White Bloomers”, watercolor.

Honorable Mentions

Debra L. Smith, "Heirloom Roses”, watercolor.
Jennifer Cavalcante, "Pink Mix & White Vase”, photography.
Scott Steimel, "Fresh Picked”, acrylic on canvas.
Joanne McIlvaine, "Wait For It”, oil.


First Place: Barbara J. Weaver, "Peaches", watercolor.
Second Place: Sandra L. Zerby, "Helen"s Tulips”watercolor.
Third Place: Marjorie Lovett, "Birds of Paradise” acrylic.

Honorable Mention
David Spencer, "Cherry Tomatoes”, colored pencil.
Amber Horvath, "In My Garden”, colored pencil.

Ann T. Fields Annual Awards for Excellence in Watercolor

'Pink Dahlias', watercolor by Caryn A. Husowech

First Place: Caryn A. Husowech, "Pink Dahlias”
Second Place: Carolann Van Wyen, "Warmth of a Bloom”
Third Place: Brenda Blank, "Love Bouquet”

Winter Membership Show

January 12 - February 6
in the Kauffman Gallery
To see all of the award winning pieces for this show, click here.

'Team at Landis Valley', oil by Jay Dombach


First Place: Jay Dombach, “Team at Landis Valley”, oil.
Second Place: Brenda Blank, “Sunrise Farmhouse”, watercolor.
Third Place: Jennifer Cavalcante, “Great Horned Owl”, photography.

Honorable Mention:

Marianne Calenda, “On Chestnut St.”, acrylic.
Debra L. Smith, “Hidden Strength Revealed”, watercolor.
Patricia A. Renna, “Poppy Study”, pastel.


First Place: Jerry Brown, “Storm at Low Tide”, watercolor.
Second Place: Debbie Huff, “The Universe”, alcohol ink.
Third Place: Barbara J. Weaver, “Poppies”, watercolor.

Honorable Mention:

Carolann Van Wyen, “Autumn Pine”, watercolor.
Spencer Katz, “Tempus Fugit”, photography.
Lisa McEntee, “Summer Day”, pastel.

Volunteers Needed

Gallery sitters are needed to watch the gallery when the staff is off.

Assistance with mailings or other office work is needed.

Open Board Positions

Opportunities are available to serve on the LCAA Board:


Publicity: Writing up and sending out press releases and photographs of events, classes, exhibits and LCAA news.

Fundraising: Responsibility for raising funds for the LCAA through a variety of means: donations, grants, events, letters.

House and Property: In charge of making sure that the building is in good repair and clean, inside and outside.

Historian - Duties involve overseeing our permanent art collection, LCAA archives and our library.

Volunteer Chair: Responsibilities include scheduling members for various volunteer duties, recruiting people for open board positions.

Please contact Carol Herr at 687-7061 during gallery hours with your interest.

LAF (Ladies Art Forum)

Meetings for critiques and discussion are held on the third Thursday of the month at 2 PM.

All women members of the LCAA are invited to join LAF. You may bring work for critique or just come and watch. To check on whether there are any changes in the meeting date and how many are planning to attend, please call the LCAA at 687-7061 on the Wednesday before the meeting between 1 and 5 PM.