Lancaster County Art Quilt Project - Page 1

Northern Lancaster County & Lancaster City

# N-1 - # N-31
Price: $45 each.
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'Rock Ford', watercolor by Barbara J. Weaver

"Rock Ford"

N-1. Barbara J. Weaver, Watercolor, Lancaster Co. Park

“Spring at Long’s Park”, oil by Connie Peters

“Spring at Long’s Park”

N-2. Connie Peters, Oil, Lancaster/Long’s Park

“Pumpkin Season”, watercolor by Marilyn Morrison

“Pumpkin Season”

N-3. Marilyn Morrison, Watercolor/ink, Lititz

“Stauffer Mansion”, watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

“Stauffer Mansion”

N-4. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster/Stauffer Park

Judy W. Smith: “Central Market Ice Cream”, Pastel

“Central Market Ice Cream”

N-5. Judy W. Smith, Pastel, Lancaster/Central Market. 
Honorable Mention

Brenda Blank: “Summer Evening Cornfield”, Watercolor

“Summer Evening Cornfield”

N-6. Brenda Blank, Watercolor, W. Hempfield Township. SOLD

Paul Gross: “Let’s Dance”, Photography

“Let’s Dance”

N-7. Paul Gross, Photography, Lancaster/Central Market

Karen Mincarelli: “Barn That Was”, Acrylic

“Barn That Was”

N-8. Karen Mincarelli, Acrylic, Manheim Township

Patricia Keller: “Pick Your Own”, Watercolor

“Pick Your Own”

N-9. Patricia Keller, Watercolor, E. Hempfield Township. SOLD

Marilyn Morrison: “Cornfield”, Lancaster County, Watercolor/ink


N-10. Marilyn Morrison, Lancaster County, Watercolor/ink, Elizabethtown

Debbie Huff: “Flowers”, alcohol Ink


N-11. Debbie Huff, alcohol Ink, Bird in Hand

Karen L. Meacham: “Manheim Hat Rack”, Watercolor

“Manheim Hat Rack"

N-12. Karen L. Meacham, Watercolor, Manheim

Brenda Blank: “Sunset Farmland”, Watercolor

“Sunset Farmland”

N-13. Brenda Blank, Watercolor, Manheim

Patricia Keller: “Roots Market”, Watercolor

“Roots Market”

N-14. Patricia Keller, Watercolor, Manheim. SOLD

Jennifer Cavalcante: “Smoke House”, Photography

“Smoke House”

N-15. Jennifer Cavalcante, Photography, Manheim Township

Jennifer Cavalcante: “Baby Goat”, Photography

“Baby Goat”

N-16. Jennifer Cavalcante, Photography, Elizabethtown

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Rear View (St. James Church)”, Watercolor

“Rear View (St. James Church)”

N-17. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Jennifer Cavalcante: “Twins”, Photography


N-18. Jennifer Cavalcante, Photography, Elizabethtown

Karen Mincarelli: “Shenk’s Berry Farm”, Acrylic

“Shenk’s Berry Farm”

N-19. Karen Mincarelli, Acrylic, Warwick Township

Jerry Brown: “Early Morning Over Harrisburg Ave.”, Watercolor

“Early Morning Over Harrisburg Ave.”

N-20. Jerry Brown, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Framed (Otterbein Church)”, Watercolor

“Framed (Otterbein Church)”

N-21. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “On 2nd Lock Road”, Watercolor

“On 2nd Lock Road”

N-22. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster/Conestoga Memorial Park

Henrietta Holton/Thomas: “Rising Steeple (1st Presbyterian)”, Watercolor

“Rising Steeple (1st Presbyterian)”

N-23. Henrietta Holton/Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Debbie Huff: “Flower Vase”, Alcohol Ink

“Flower Vase”

N-24. Debbie Huff, Alcohol Ink, Bird in Hand

Jerry Brown: “Stand Alone “, Watercolor

“Stand Alone “

N-25. Jerry Brown, Watercolor, Lancaster/Baker Fields

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Old RR Building”, Watercolor

“Old RR Building”

N-26. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Tower on Church Street”, Watercolor

“Tower on Church Street”

N-27. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Lancaster City

Jennifer Cavalcante: “Mattie”, Photography


N-28. Jennifer Cavalcante, Photography, Manheim Township
Honorable Mention

Cheryl Eckman: “Wheatland #1”, Pencil

“Wheatland #1"

N-29. Cheryl Eckman, Pencil, Lancaster City

Cheryl Eckman: “Wheatland #2”, Pencil

“Wheatland #2”

N-30. Cheryl Eckman, Pencil, Lancaster City

Cecelia Cox: “Pink Tulip (Grandview Heights)”, Oil

“Pink Tulip (Grandview Heights)”

N-31. Cecelia Cox, Oil, Lancaster

Eastern Lancaster County

# E-1 - # E- 16

Rebecca Achenbach: “Visiting the Past”, Acrylic

“Visiting the Past”

E-1. Rebecca Achenbach, “Visiting the Past”, Acrylic, Leola

Peter L. Hunsberger: “Prancing Mystery Horse”

“Prancing Mystery Horse”

E-2. Peter L. Hunsberger, Acrylic, East Earl Township

George Chapman: “Schantz Graveyard”, Acrylic

“Schantz Graveyard”

E-3. George Chapman, Acrylic, W. Lampeter Township

Pat Reed Nute: “Cows Cooling In the Creek”, Mixed Media

“Cows Cooling In the Creek”

E-4. Pat Reed Nute, Mixed Media, Gap

Judy W. Smith: “On the Way to LCAA”, Colored Pencil

“On the Way to LCAA”

E-5. Judy W. Smith, Colored Pencil, E. Lampeter Township. SOLD

Virginia Caputo: “Lampeter Fair: Chamber Pots”, Mixed Media

“Lampeter Fair: Chamber Pots”

E-6. Virginia Caputo, Mixed Media, Lampeter

Anita Gordon-Palmer: “Out My Front Door”, Watercolor

“Out My Front Door”

E-7. Anita Gordon-Palmer, Watercolor, Gap. SOLD

Virginia Caputo: “Lampeter Fair: Ford Tractor”, Photography

“Lampeter Fair: Ford Tractor”

E-8. Virginia Caputo, Photography, Lampeter

Judy W. Smith: “Mondale Road Sentry”, Watercolor

“Mondale Road Sentry”

E-9. Judy W. Smith, Watercolor, Leola

Virginia Caputo: “Lampeter Fair: Tractor”, Photography

“Lampeter Fair: Tractor”

E-10. Virginia Caputo, Photography, Lampeter

Kathleen Frost: “Lucky Distlefink”, Watercolor

“Lucky Distlefink”

E-11. Kathleen Frost, Watercolor, Ronks

Virginia Caputo: “Lampeter Fair: Vintage Aprons”,Mixed Media

“Lampeter Fair: Vintage Aprons”

E-12. Virginia Caputo, Mixed Media, Lampeter
Honorable Mention

Anita Gordon-Palmer: “Amish House Meeting”, Watercolor

“Amish Horse Meeting”

E-13. Anita Gordon-Palmer, Watercolor, Gap. SOLD

Virginia Caputo: “Lampeter Church Sign”, Photography

“Lampeter Church Sign”

E-14. Virginia Caputo, Photography, Lampeter

Rebecca Achenbach: “Morning Coffee West View”, Acrylic

“Morning Coffee West View”

E-15.Rebecca Achenbach, Acrylic, Leola

Lisa Prinzo: “Sunset Behind the Corn”, Watercolor

“Sunset Behind the Corn”

E-16.Lisa Prinzo, Watercolor, Ronks

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