Lancaster County Art Quilt Project - Page 2

Eastern Lancaster County (continued)

 # E-17 to # E-45
Price: $45 each.
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Elizabeth Stauffer: “158 Years Old”, Watercolor

“158 Years Old”,

E-17. Elizabeth Stauffer, Watercolor, S. Hermiatage

Rebecca Achenbach: “Spring Wash”, Acrylic

Spring Wash”

E-18. Rebecca Achenbach,  Acrylic, Leola

Lisa Prinzo: “Late Day Cornfield”, Watercolor

“Late Day Cornfield”

E-19. Lisa Prinzo, Watercolor, Ronks

 Sandy Schoettle: “Tree”, Pencil/Watercolor


E-20. Sandy Schoettle, Pencil/Watercolor, Gap

ing to Find Good Luck”, Watercolor

“Looking to Find Good Luck”

E-21. Kathleen Frost, Watercolor

Rebecca Achenbach: “Winter Wash”, Acrylic

“Winter Wash”

E-22. Rebecca Achenbach, Acrylic, Leola

John Sauers: “Dawn at Lampeter”, Pastel/Charcoal

“Dawn at Lampeter”

E-23. John Sauers, Pastel/Charcoal, Lampeter

Janet L. B. Chapman: “Spirit of Strasburg”, Acrylic

“Spirit of Strasburg”,

E-24. Janet L. B. Chapman, Acrylic, Strasburg

Kathleen Frost: “Lucky Star Barn”, Watercolor

“Lucky Star Barn”

E-25. Kathleen Frost, Watercolor, Strasburg

Karen Frattali: “Cardinal Rules”, Watercolor

“Cardinal Rules”

E-26. Karen Frattali, Watercolor, Strasburg

Kathleen Frost: “Bleeding Hearts”, Watercolor

“Bleeding Hearts”

E-27. Kathleen Frost: “Bleeding Hearts”, Watercolor, Strasburg

Paul Gross: “After the Storm”, Photography

“After the Storm”

E-28. Paul Gross, Photography, Strasburg Township

Karen Frattali: “Canada Goose Pair”, Watercolor

“Canada Goose Pair”

E-29. Karen Frattali, Watercolor, Strasburg

George Chapman: “Back Yard Wheelbarrow”, Pastel, Strasburg

“Backyard Wheelbarrow”

E-30. George Chapman, Pastel, Strasburg

Diane Martin: “Snowfall”, Watercolor/Pen


E-31. Diane Martin, Watercolor/Pen, Strasburg

 Jennifer Cavalcante: “Molly I”, Photography

“Molly I"

E-32. Jennifer Cavalcante, Photography, Strasburg

Elaine Gross: “Neff’s Mill Bridge”, Watercolor

“Neff’s Mill Bridge”

E-33. Elaine Gross, Watercolor, W. Lampeter Township

George Chapman: “Winter Sunset at LCAA”, Acrylic

“Winter Sunset at LCAA”

E-34. George Chapman, Acrylic, Strasburg

 Lisa Prinzo: “Engine 90”, Watercolor

“Engine 90"

E-35. Lisa Prinzo, Watercolor, Strasburg

George Chapman: “Amish Washline”, Pastel

“Amish Washline"

E-36. George Chapman, Pastel, Strasburg Township

Karen Frattali: “Eastern Bluebird”, Watercolor

“Eastern Bluebird”

E-37. Karen Frattali, Watercolor, Strasburg

Paul Gross: “Sunday Meeting”, Photography

“Sunday Meeting"

E-38. Paul Gross, Photography, Strasburg Township

Karen Frattali: “Chickadee”, Watercolor


E-39. Karen Frattali, Watercolor, Strasburg

Christine Weber: “Passing By”, Watercolor

“Passing By"

E-40. Christine Weber, Watercolor, Strasburg. SOLD

George Chapman: “Wild Azaleas”, Acrylic

“Wild Azaleas"

E-41. George Chapman, Acrylic, Strasburg Township

Paul Gross: “9 Trees”, Photography

“9 Trees"

E-42. Paul Gross, Photography, Strasburg Township

JoAnn L. Fuir: “Conductor & His Train”, Photography

“Conductor & His Train"

E-43. JoAnn L. Fuir, Photography, Strasburg

 Lesley Harbold: “Olde Mill”, Watercolor

“Olde Mill"

E-44. Lesley Harbold, Watercolor, E. Lampeter Township.
Judges Choice Award

George Chapman: “Pond at Old Mill House”, Acrylic

“Pond at Old Mill House”

E-45. George Chapman, Acrylic, E. Lampeter Township

Western Lancaster County

# W-1 - # W-16

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Mylin’s Corner”, Watercolor

“Mylin’s Corner”

W-1. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Willow Street

Dot Stepenaski: “Sky Over Willow Street”, Pastel

“Sky Over Willow Street”

W-2. Dot Stepenaski, Pastel, Willow Street

placeholder image

“Native Long House”

W-3. Janet L.B. Chapman, Acrylic, Willow Street

George Chapman: “Neffs Mill Covered Bridge”, Acrylic

“Neffs Mill Covered Bridge”

W-4. George Chapman, Acrylic, W. Lampeter Township.

Janet L.B. Chapman: “Hans Herr House”, Acrylic

“Hans Herr House”

W-5. Janet L.B. Chapman, Acrylic, Willow Street

Eleanor Isaacson: “Japanese Flower”, Watercolor

“Japanese Flower”

W-6. Eleanor Isaacson, Watercolor, Willow Street. SOLD

Dot Stepenaski: “Fields of Willow Street”, Pastel

“Fields of Willow Street”

W-7. Dot Stepenaski, Pastel, Willow Street

Karen Labiak: “Early Spring Sunset”, Watercolor

“Early Spring Sunset”

W-8. Karen Labiak, Watercolor, W. Millersville

Doris Morrison: “Gypsy Hill Lime Kiln”, Acrylic

“Gypsy Hill Lime Kiln”

W-9. Doris Morrison, Acrylic, Willow Street. SOLD

Patricia Mortenson: “The Essence of Lancaster County”, Mixed Media

“The Essence of Lancaster County”

W-10. Patricia Mortenson: “The Essence of Lancaster County”, Mixed Media, Willow Street

Doris Morrison: “Martin Meylin Gun Shop”, Acrylic

“Martin Meylin Gun Shop”

W-11. Doris Morrison, Acrylic, Willow Street. SOLD

White Feather: “Harmony Farm Sheep”, Watercolor

“Harmony Farm Sheep”

W-12. White Feather, Watercolor, Pequea

Henrietta Holton-Thomas: “Willow Street Farm”, Watercolor

“Willow Street Farm”

W-13. Henrietta Holton-Thomas, Watercolor, Willow Street. SOLD

Phyllis Steinberg: “Patio Orchid”, Watercolor

“Patio Orchid”

W-14. Phyllis Steinberg, Watercolor, W. Lampeter Township

W-15. George Chapman, Jr.: “Hans Herr House”, Acrylic, Willow Street

“Hans Herr House”

W-15. George Chapman, Jr., Acrylic, Willow Street

White Feather: “Cinnamon Getting A Cookie”, Watercolor

“Cinnamon Getting A Cookie”

W-16. White Feather, Watercolor, Pequea

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