Lancaster County Art Quilt Project - Page 4

Children & Teen’s Work

Children’s work sells for $20. Teen’s for $30.
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To check on price, call the LCAA.

“Joy”, crayon by Olive Lapp


1. Olive Lapp, Crayon, Strasburg

“Spring Day”, crayon by Olive Lapp

“Spring Day”

2. Olive Lapp, Crayon, Strasburg

3. Olive Lapp: “From the Top”, Crayon, Strasburg

“From the Top”

3. Olive Lapp,  Crayon, Strasburg

Olive Lapp: “Going to Space”, Crayon

“Going to Space”

4. Olive Lapp, Crayon, Strasburg
Award Winner

Hannah Lapp: “Windy and Dandy”, Watercolor/Acrylic

“Windy and Dandy”

5. Hannah Lapp, Watercolor/Acrylic, Strasburg
Award Winner

Henry Smucker: “Bearly Hungry”, Watercolor

“Bearly Hungry”

6. Henry Smucker, Watercolor, New Providence
Award Winner

Brooke Rubincam: “Sunset in the Trees”, Oil Pastel

“Sunset in the Trees”

7. Brooke Rubincam, Oil Pastel, Strasburg

Brooke Rubincam: “Cow On the Farm”, Watercolor

“Cow On the Farm”

8. Brooke Rubincam, Watercolor, Lancaster
Award Winner

Brooke Rubincam: “Goat in the Meadow”, Oil Pastel

“Goat in the Meadow”

9. Brooke Rubincam, Oil Pastel, Strasburg

Rylynn Lehman: “Kraybill in the Fall”, Colored Pencil

“Kraybill in the Fall”

10. Rylynn Lehman, Colored Pencil, Mount Joy. SOLD

Rylynn Lehman: “Rita’s Italian Ice”, Colored Pencil/Pen

“Rita’s Italian Ice”

11. Rylynn Lehman, Colored Pencil/Pen, Lancaster
Award Winner. SOLD

 Inez Wilson: “Boehm’s Chapel”, Colored Pencil

“Boehm’s Chapel”

12. Inez Wilson, Colored Pencil, Willow Street
Award Winner. SOLD

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