Volunteering at the LCAA

Scarlett StaintonThe LCAA was traditionally run entirely by volunteers for many years. It is not exclusively run by volunteers now but it is still run mostly by volunteers who assist with hanging artwork, sitting in the gallery and answering the phone, preparing baked goods for receptions, creating flyers. There are hundreds of small jobs to be done when running an art association. If the work is split up among a hundred hands, it makes it that much easier to get it all done.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Art Association. Without the help of volunteers the LCAA would cease to exist.

Call now and talk with Gallery Director Carol Herr (717-687-7061) or another member about how you can get on board and make a difference at the LCAA through volunteering!

On the right is Scarlett Stainton finding something funny in something that Hospitality Chair Kate Mylin has just said to her at a Membership Show. Scarlett was one of the LCAA's most dedicated and loyal volunteers. The teak wood bench out by the LCAA's front door was purchased and dedicated to Scarlett in appreciation for her many years of volunteering. Scarlett passed away on August 7, 2013.