Exhibition Guidelines

Membership Shows

Who May Enter

Members 16 years or older with dues current may participate in exhibitions for which eligible. Contact the LCAA office if uncertain about dues being current.


Each entrant may submit their work in one of two categories, professional or non-professional. The definition of a professional shall be anyone meeting one or more of these qualifications:

1. Any person who is a graduate of an art school requiring a minimum of 2 years of study.
2. Any person who teaches art or whose major occupation is in the art field.
3. Any person who through study, training or performance has won 6 major awards in judged or juried shows.
4. Any person who has sold their art for a minimum total of $1000 in the past year.

A non-professional is any person not meeting any one of the requirements of the professional category. Any person exhibiting in the professional category cannot enter their work in the non-professional category in future shows.

Entry Fees

Entrant is required to pay an entry fee for judged membership shows. Amount of fee is specified on the Exhibition Schedule as well as the newsletter.


Monetary awards will be given in both categories for judged shows. Amount of awards may vary with different shows. Each entrant shall be eligible for only one award per show. Special awards reflecting a theme, medium, requirements, etc. are given in various shows and will be specified on the Exhibition Schedule, Newsletter, etc.


Judges for shows are chosen for their expertise in the art field, professional artists, art professors and teachers, gallery owners and directors, etc. A judge will not repeat as judge for at least a 2 year period.


Unless otherwise specified, original paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, hand made jewelry, photography and hand pulled prints (woodcut, intaglio, silkscreen, lithographs) will be accepted. Mechanical reproductions and crafts will not be accepted (however may be displayed for sale in our print rack or display case).


All paintings must be framed and securely wired for hanging, (saw tooth hangers will not be accepted). Artwork on canvas with finished edges is acceptable. Please review the framing & hanging requirements on the back for more details.


Entries should not exceed 55” in any direction including the frame, unless otherwise specified. Size limitations may differ for sculpture. In shows with themes, entries must reflect that theme. 1-2 entries per member per show unless otherwise stated. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to reject any entries that it deems unprofessionally presented or dangerous to gallery visitors.


All sales will be processed through the LCAA. The LCAA will retain a commission of 30% on all sold works. Artwork not for sale should be marked nfs. We do not accept work marked price on request. Artist cannot change the price of works during the length of the show. If artist sells an exhibited work during the length of time it is in the LCAA galleries, through their own website or other means, they will owe the standard 30% commission to the LCAA.


Works entered must be an original concept of the artist. Direct copies of another person’s work are not acceptable. Photographs, including those used in development of artwork must have been taken by the artist. Work submitted must have been completed within the past 3 years and cannot have been exhibited in previous LCAA gallery shows.


Work to be accepted must be delivered to the LCAA on the designated dates at the appropriate times. Work may be delivered early if pre-approved by the Exhibition Chairperson. Late entries will not be accepted. Entry forms must be completed and signed at the time of delivery. All entry fees must be paid at the time of delivery. Work must be un-packed by the artist and all packing materials taken with the artist.


The LCAA will not be responsible in the event of loss or damage to work. Any insurance coverage is the responsibility of the artist.


The LCAA will retain the right to take photos of artist’s exhibited work and use for LCAA’s publicity, website, etc. Visitors are not allowed to take photos of work unless they have the artist’s permission.


Entries must remain in the LCAA gallery until the end of the show and the specified pick up dates. Work must be picked up on the specified dates and times. Artist must notify the LCAA if for any reason you cannot pick up on those dates. Any work left at the LCAA for more than 1 month after the last pickup date for a show will become the property of the LCAA.

Framing & Hanging Requirements

These requirements are in place to not only give our exhibits and galleries a professional, clean and attractive appearance, but to do the same for your artwork. They also help our volunteer Exhibition Committee when hanging an exhibit and save time. They also ensure the safety of our volunteers, staff and the viewing public.

Check out the instructions and photos below of examples of what to do and not do.

If you have any questions, please contact Gallery Director Carol Herr at the LCAA office, (717) 687-7061 or send an email to lcaanews@yahoo.com.  We would be happy to help you with any difficulties you may be having.

Frames Should Be In Good Condition

Frames that are damaged or loose at the corners, scratched or unsightly will not be accepted. Mats should be clean and undamaged. Glass or plexiglass should be clean inside and outside and not scratched or damaged. Your artwork and backing board must be secure in the frame. Unframed.Gallery/ Redi clips and any works that leave edges of glass exposed are not acceptable. All 2-D works should be under glass or plexiglass except oils and acrylics treated like oils.

Work Must Be Wired For Hanging

We will not accept sawtooth hangers, rings on the backing board, notches, holes or clips in the backing board. Our hanging system does not accommodate these types of hangers and they are unreliable and not safe. Screw Eyes, D Rings with Screws, etc. that attach securely to the sides of the frame are acceptable. These should be placed 1/3 – 1/4 of the way down from the top of the frame.

Photo of unacceptable hanger.Photo of unacceptable hanger.How to figure where to place the handing wire.

Attach picture framing wire securely to hangers. Do not use smooth wire, string, etc. or any other items that cause your artwork to slip when hung or might break. Your wire when pulled taut should be at least 1&1/2 inches or more below the top of your frame. This is needed so our hangers will not show when the work is hung in the gallery.

Where to place the wire.

Unframed Work on Canvas

Work on canvas will be accepted unframed if the edges are finished. There should not be staples or nails showing on the edges. Edges should be painted, with no bare canvas exposed. The wiring requirements stated above should be followed with hanging hardwire securely attached to stretcher strips.

These requirements are in place to not only give our exhibits and galleries a professional, clean and attractive appearance, but to do the same for your artwork. They also help our volunteer Exhibition Committee when hanging an exhibit and save time. They also ensure the safety of our volunteers, staff and the viewing public.