Lancaster County Art Association

May 7-June 1

In the Kauffman Gallery

Spring Membership Show
Awards & Judge’s Comments


'Four Jars of Summer', watercolor by Tim Colyer

Tim Colyer – “Four Jars of Summer”, watercolor/gouache.
“The softness of the colors along with the contrasts make this work an outstanding watercolor. The artist has a keen sense of observation to detail that shows their appreciation of history, age and delicacy.”


'After the Race', watercolor by Beverley Felter

First Place: Beverley Felter – “After the Race”, watercolor.
“After my first pass through the exhibit, I kept coming back to this painting. Although BMX bikes usually evoke a sense of play, the dark tones evoke a tension and sense of danger. Who are the riders and where did they go? Plus the handling of paint is just remarkable.”

'Tui Bird', watercolor by Evanna Morris

Second Place: Evanna Morris – “Tui Bird”, watercolor.
“This luminous and glistening painting captivated me with its exotic subject and dynamic composition. The stunning colors and depiction of the bird made me think that it could be in the realm of James Audobon but in a more contemporary style.”

'Rancher Burt', watercolor by Kay Walker

Third Place: Kay Walker – “Rancher Burt”, watercolor.
“Portraiture in any medium is challenging. In watercolor it’s even more difficult and unforgiving. The subtle monochromatic folds and wisps of the denim and clouds contrasted with the skin tones and brown suede like hat, make it a triumph even in its small scale. From his warm and approachable likeness, the figure looks like someone reliable and whose company is fun and spirited.”

Honorable Mention:
Christi Hetrick – “Four Bridges”, oil on linen canvas.
Karen Frattali – “Pears for Thee & One for Me”, watercolor.
Amy Groff – “Stand Tall”, oil.

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'Rigged & Ready', watercolor by Steve Weinhold

First Place: Steve Weinhold – “Rigged & Ready”, watercolor.
“In this painting the artist took their time to capture minute details in the rope, water and fixtures. The sense of tension is cearly communicated and the sense of drama and narrative is mysterious and intriguing.”

'Leaving Home', marble sculpture by Glenn Wenger

Second Place: Glenn Wenger – “Leaving Home”, marble.
“Walking around the stone sculpture, you can see the level of care that the artist has taken with such a heavy material to make it seem light and gravity defying. Both the negative and positive spaces create a sense of movement and balance.”

'Luxembourg Thistle', watercolor by Sherell Morris

Third Place: Sherell Morris – “Luxenbourg Thistle”, watercolor.
“By the attention to light, color, space and depth , the artist has illustrated their appreciation of nature which is inspiring. The abstract realism of the scene is both powerful and ethereal.”

Honorable Mention:
Carol E. Runge – “Blue Evening”, pastel.
Carolyn Sands – “Everglades Mosaic”, acrylic.
Isabel W. Lark – “An Hour with Sean”, pastel.


Eberly is an artist and curator based in Doylestown. He is currently the Exhibitions Associate at Hicks Art Center Gallery on the campus of Bucks County Community College in Newtown. In January 2023, he joined the board of the Arts and Cultural Council of Bucks County. Previous roles include Events Coordinator at Otis College of Art and Design and Store Manager at Art Catalogues at LACMA. Eberly received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and his MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Dot Stepenaski: "The Tall Lady Wearing A Hat"

'Weaver Homestead', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

“Weaver Homestead”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Landscapes, pets, people, are all featured in this exhibit by this talented pastel artist. She has been painting with pastels for over 20 years and teaches a popular class here at the LCAA.

Photograph of Dot Stepenaski

“The Tall Lady Wearing a Hat"

June 11–July 13

In the Kauffman Gallery

LCAA Art Project; The Elements

Open to artists16+
Theme: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
Donate 5”x7” (unframed), any medium
Drop Off- June 2, 3, 4 (& Pick Up of work from Spring Membership Show)
Pick Up – July 14, 15, 16
Reception: June 11
Proceeds benefit LCAA
Donate 5”x7” (unframed), any medium
Judged & People’s Choice Awards
Artwork will be for sale for $55 (2 for $100)

In the Steinmetz Gallery

A Square Deal

Membership Exhibit
Square Format Works,
30"x30” or less, Any subject
judged-awards, 1-2 entries

July 23 – Aug. 24

In the Kauffman Gallery

Summer Breeze

Drop off: July 14, 15, 16
Pick Up : Aug. 25, 26, 27
Reception: July 23
Theme: Summer Subjects
*1-3 entries, judged – awards given
Visit the page at this LINK for Exhibition Guidelines and Requirements.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Mia Curran

Sept. 17 – Oct. 19

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show

Open to all members, No theme
Drop off: Sept. 8, 9, 10
Pick up –Oct. 20, 21, 22
Reception: Sept.17
*1-2 entries per member, judged, awards given
Myrtle Tremblay Award for Watercolor
Visit the page at this LINK for Exhibition Guidelines and Requirements.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Isabel W. Lark

Oct. 29 – Nov. 16

In both galleries

Autumn Daze III

Drop off – Oct.20, 21, 22
Pick up – Nov.17, 18, 19
Reception: Oct. 29
Open to members & non-members
Theme: Autumn subjects & colors
Special categories, awards & events to be announced at a later date.
Judged – awards given, Entry Fee: $10 per piece
Visit the page at this LINK for Exhibition Guidelines and Requirements.

Dec. 3-23

In the Kauffman Gallery

Holiday Surprise

Drop off – Nov.17-19, 25, 26
Pick up - Jan. 5, 6, 7
Reception: December 3
A variety of holiday surprises & gift giving opportunities. More details to come!
Visit the page at this LINK for Exhibition Guidelines and Requirements.

In the Steinmetz Gallery

Carol S. Herr

Receptions held on the 1st day of the exhibit, 1-4pm unless otherwise noted.
*Entry Fees- per piece:
Non-professionals $15 -1 piece, $25 – 2 pieces
Professionals $20 – 1 piece, $35 – 2 pieces for membership shows unless otherwise noted.
Hours for drop off & pick up: Fri. - Sat. 11pm -4pm & Sun. 1pm-4pm.
Parking Lot Pick Up / Drop Off Available. Call the LCAA at 717-687-7061 when you arrive.

Visit the page at this LINK for Exhibition Guidelines and Requirements.