Are these pumpkins NAKED or are they FRIGHTENED out of their color???!!!!!
Come to the LCAA and see what you can do about it! The GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE is taking place now. Don't SQUASH your ideas of what you can do with these paper mache oddities, embrace them and show off your ideas!
You can purchase these pumpkins - Adults $25, Teens and Kids $15, decorate any way you'd like (Please No Carving - that would be a disaster) then return them for a mini show during the Autumn Daze Show (drop off October 20, 21 and 22). Or come to the GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE WORKSHOP on October 21 and decorate a pumpkin of your choice. Awards will be awarded!
To download the GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE FLIER, click HERE or on either of the PUMPKIN images above.


Oct. 7: 12 -4pm (raindate Oct. 14)
We are participating in the Strasburg Classic Car Show with a selection of homemade bake goods for sale. We will also have coffee available
If you like to bake and want to contribute to this fundraising event, we need “good- ies” such as apple dumplings, breads, brownies, cakes, candies, pies, quick breads, muffins, cookies (please no chocolate chip) and whoopee pies.
You can drop off your “goodie” on Thurs. & Fri. Oct. 5 & 6, 11am-4pm. Please mark what the food is & bring it in non-returnable containers.
Not a baker? Come out and purchase some great treats!


Strasburg residents “got creative” at the LCAA Table at National Night Out!
We brought supplies to Jaycee Park in Strasburg on August 1 to engage the community with an art project.
91 people created artwork on a 3” x 3” square to be assembled later into one large art piece. Once completed, the artwork will be on display at the LCAA, and later donated to the police. We shared info about our art classes and exhibitions. Many people enjoyed holding props and getting their photo taken with our “I got creative . . . at the Lancaster County Art Association” selfie frame.


The LCAA is way short on their donation drive this year. We rely on donations to help keep the doors open and offering exhibits, classes and special events! We need your help!
If you are able, please consider a mid-year donation to the LCAA.
You can send your donation to: LCAA, 149 Precision Ave. Strasburg, PA 17579 or call us at 717-687-7061.
Thank you for your support!
Also we are looking for a donation of either a used pottery wheel or funds to purchase one. We currently have to limit the number of students who can take our clay classes. We also several maintenance issues with our building that need to be addressed.

LAF (Ladies Art Forum)

Meetings for critiques and discussion are held on the third Thursday of the month at 2 PM.
All women members of the LCAA are invited to join LAF. You may bring work for critique or just come and watch. To check on whether there are any changes in the meeting date and how many are planning to attend, please call the LCAA at 687-7061 on the Wednesday before the meeting between 1 and 5 PM.


We are looking to add a forward-thinking Vice President to our board. Someone who would like to help lead us into the 21st century. We are also looking for an Instruction Chair and a Membership Chair. Volunteers are needed in other areas as well.
We are looking for someone to help in the office with organizing files.
Gallery sitters are needed to watch the gallery when the staff is off.
Assistance with mailings or other office work is needed.

The following positions are available to serve on the LCAA Board:

Vice President
House and Property: In charge of making sure that the building is in good repair and clean, inside and outside.

Looking for a volunteer to take over the Plein air group.
Suggested painting sites and emails of artists interested in Plein air will be provided.
Please contact Carol Herr at 717-687-7061 during gallery hours with your interest.


Summer Sketchbook Challenge

August 19 - September 7
In the Kauffman Gallery

'Summer Storm', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Adult - Professional Category 
    First Place - George Clark
    Honorable Mention - Jim Fitzgerald and Henrietta Holton-Thomas

Adult - Non Professional Category
    First Place - Caroline Berno
    Honorable Mention - Carol Runge and Ollivander

Teen Ages 14 - 16
    First Place ; Abigail Kline
    Honorable Mention - Munira Siegrist

Children Ages 11 - 13
    First Place - Tamaki Imamura
    Honorable Mention - Hunson Guengerich

Children Ages 8 - 10
    First Place - Tilly Berno
    Honorable Mention - Lincoln Parrish

Supersize Sketch Challenge
Adult - Professional
    First Place - Tony Bonazziu
    Honorable Mention - Carolyn Sands

Adult - Non Professional
    First Place - Caroline Berno
    Honorable Mention - Susan Mellinger

Teen Ages 14 - 16
    First Place - Pax Kortright
    Honorable Mention - Kira Roark

Children ages 8 - 10
    First Place - Tilly Berno

Our Judge, Dorothy Frey, Asst. Prof. of Painting & Drawing at Millersville University had this to say about the sketchbook submissions: "Everyone who participated deserves an honorable mention. I am inspired by the vast amount of ideas, techniques, approaches, and personal artistic vision each person brought to this challenge."

Summer Breeze

July 23 - August 24
In the Kauffman Gallery


'Summer Storm', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

First Place: Dot Stepenaski, “Summer Storm”, pastel
Second Place: J.A. McCredie, “Dock in Bozman, MD”, oil
Third Place: Elaine Goodman, “Ocean Breeze”, mixed media
Honorable Mention: Marcia Miller, “Lilies #2”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Carol S. Herr, “Summer Evening Tree”, oil on linen


'Sunflower', oil by Gaylee Schachter

First Place: Gaylee Schachter, “Sunflower”, oil
Second Place: Carolyn Sands, “Frolic”, acrylic
Third Place: Sherrell Carter, “Free Time”, digital art
Honorable Mention: Mia Curran, “It Must Be Monday”, photography
Honorable Mention: Paul Gross, “Fences”, photography

LCAA Art Project: The Elements

June 11 - July 13
In the Kauffman Gallery

Theme: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
All artwork in The LCAA Art Project was 5 by 7 inches in size and unframed.
Click on any of the images of the First Place Award Winners below to visit the Gallery Pages which show all of the pieces in the Elements Show including all of the award  winners.

'Through the Pagoda', watercolor by Lesley Harbold

1st Place:  Lesley Harbold - Through the Pagoda - Watercolor
2nd Place: Jennifer Cavalcante - Morning on Earth - Photography
3rd Place: Carol Herr - Earth's Harvest - Oil on Panel
Honorable Mention: Patricia Keller - Iris - Watercolor

'Divi Divi', watercolor by Victor Capecci

1st Place: Victor Capecce - Divi Divi - Watercolor
2nd Place: Carol H. Dale - Morning Liftoff - Watercolor
3rd Place: Raven Garabo - Lavender Breeze - Watercolor & Ink
Honorable Mention: Barbara J. Weaver - Sunset - Watercolor

'Mighty Oak', watercolor by Jan Deegan

1st Place:  Jan Deegan - Mighty Oak - Watercolor
2nd Place: Beverley Felter - Reflections - Watercolor
3rd Place: Tony Bonazzi - Gazebo with Swan - Watercolor
Honorable Mention: Judy W. Smith - Sunset - Mixed Media

'Campfire Light', watercolor by Brenda Blank

1st Place: Brenda Blank - Campfire Light - Watercolor
2nd Place: Dot Stepenaski - Internal - Pastel
3rd Place: Carolyn Sands - Afternoon Light - Oil
Honorable Mention:
Jerry Brown - Sunrise Commute - Watercolor 


Membership Exhibit in the Steinmetz Gallery
Square Format Works,
30"x30” or less. Any subject

'Is it on the Level', mixed media by Victor Capecci


1st Place: Victor Capecce - Is it on the Level - Mixed Media
2nd Place: Jerry Brown - Extra Virgin - Watercolor
3rd Place: Patricia Keller - Three's a Crowd - Watercolor
Honorable Mention:
Carol S. Herr - Winter Fire - Oil
Christi Hetrick - Old Faithful - Oil on Linen Panel 

'Garden Shed', watercolor by Barbara Weaver

1st Place: Barbara Weaver - Garden Shed - Watercolor
2nd Place: Rebecca Scheuer - Summer Wishes - Oil
3rd Place: Nella Seward - Thistles - Watercolor
Honorable Mention: Carol E. Runge - Catbird Bath - Pastel

Spring Membership Show Awards

May 7 - June 1
In the Kauffman Gallery

An unthemed membership show in the Kauffman Gallery.

'After the Race', watercolor by Beverley Felter

First Place: Beverley Felter - "After the Race”, watercolor
Second Place: Evanna Morris - "Tui Bird”, watercolor
Third Place: Kay Walker - "Rancher Burt”, watercolor
Honorable Mention
Christi Hetrick - "Four Bridges”, oil on linen canvas
Karen Fratelli - "Pears for Thee & One for Me”, watercolor
Amy Groff - "Stand Tall”, oil

'Rigged & Ready', watercolor by Steve Weinhold

First Place: Steve Weinihold - "Rigged & Ready”, waterolor
Second Place: Glenn Wenger - "Leaving Home”, marble
Third Place: Sherell Morris - "Luxenbourg Thistle”, waterolor
Honorable Mentions:
Carol E. Runge - "Blue Evening”, pastel
Carolyn Sands - "Everglades Mosaic”, acrylic
Isabel W. Lark - "An Hour with Sean”, pastel

Tim Colyer – “Four Jars of Summer”, watercolor/gouache.

Tim Colyer – “Four Jars of Summer”, watercolor/gouache.

Elementary & the Middle

April 2 - 23
In the Kauffman Gallery

An exhibit of artwork by Lancaster County children from 1st through 8th grades.
Images of all the award winning artwork in both exhibits: "Elementary & The Middle" and “The Natural World” may be seen online by clicking this LINK.

Kiem Yeugeny Navarich: 8th grade Honorable Mention

The Natural World

April 2 - 23
A themed membership exhibit
In the Steinmetz Gallery

'Breathless', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

First Place Award: Dot Stepenaski, “Breathless”, pastel
Second Place Award: Jerry Brown, "Sky King”, watercolor
Third Place: Victor Capecce, "Stroll in County Park”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Carol S. Herr, "Late Afternoon On the River”, oil on linen

'The Wise One', watercolor by Steven Weinhold

First Place Award: Steven Weinhold, "The Wise One”, watercolor
Second Place Award: Carolyn Sands, "Water Lettuce Study”, watercolor
Third Place Award: Katherine Collins, “Wolf”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Gaylee Schachter, "The Herd”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: David Allen, "Kiwanis Park in March”, acrylic on board

Garden Show

Feb. 26-March 23
In the Kauffman Gallery

'Here Comes the Sun', metal sculpture by Matthew J. Leavell

First Place: Matthew J. Leavell, "Here Comes the Sun”, metal sculpture
Second Place: Jerry Brown, "At the Arboretum”, watercolor
Third Place: Sandra Desrosiers, "Pink Magnolias”, oil
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Cavalcante, "Daisy Mums”, photography
Honorable Mention: Beverley Felter, "In the Pink”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Christi Hetrick, "Good Morning Sunshine”, oil on linen panel

'Looking Forward', oil by Carolyn Sands

First Place: Carolyn Sands, "Looking Forward”, oil
Second Place: Gaylee Schachter, "Springtime Flowers”, watercolor
Third Place: Sherell Morris, "Hills of Lancaster County”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Kathryn Collins, "Rhod to Summer”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Nella Seward, "Home Grown”, watercolor

'Digitied Artichokes', watercolor by Evanna Morris

First Place: Evanna Morris, "Digitized Artichokes"
Second Place: Steven Weinhold, "May Sprinkle"
Third Place: Tim Colyer, "Garden Fountain at Chanticleer"

Winter Membership Show

Jan. 15 - Feb. 16.
In the Kauffman Gallery

Watercolor:: 'Rainy Rooftops From the Library Window' by Jenna Minor Kline

First Place: Jenna Minor Kline, "Rainy Rooftops From the Library Window", ink/watercolor on paper
Second Place: Sandra Desrosiers, "Better Days" “oil
Third Place: Evelyn R. Burton, "Nocturne", cyanotype on Kinwaski paper
Honorable Mention: Molly Lengeman, "Growth", salt block sculpture
Honorable Mention: Tim Colyer, "Morning Light in a Time Long Past", watercolor
Honorable Mention: Jay Dombach, "Pontz Pond", oil
Honorable Mention: Beverley Felter, "Shear Pleasure", watercolor

Watercolor: 'To Be Of Use' by Marti Early

First Place: Marti Early, "To Be Of Use", watercolor
Second Place: Kathryn Collins, "Paris in April", watercolor
Third Place: Carolyn Sands, "Sunset at the Cove, Cape May", pastel
Honorable Mention: David Allen, "Spring Thaw @ Coatesville Reservoir”, acrylic
Honorable Mention: Gaylee Schachter, "The Barge", watercolor