Lancaster County Art Association

“Still Super" Used Art Supply Sale
Aug. 21 - Sept. 8

Mark your calendar so you don't miss this sale! Bargain prices on canvas, paper, paints, craft supplies, brushes, easels, frames, art books and much more! We are still accepting donations until Aug. 14, please no unframed glass or magazines.

"STILL SUPER EVERYTHING" 1 DAY YARD SALE - Sat, Aug. 27, 9am-2pm, Rain or Shine.
Come out & shop for bargains at this 1 day event. Our "Yard Sellers" will set up their own displays with a variety of yard sale items (some may include art or crafts). It will be held outside in front of the LCAA. If you would like to set up - it is only $15 for a 10'x10' space. You must register in advance.

LCAA EVERYTHING TABLE at the 1 Day Yard Sale - The LCAA will have it's own table during the yard sale with a variety of non-art items. If you have items you would like to donate for our table, drop them off by Aug. 25. Please, no clothes, damaged goods and items must be in good workable order. Larger items such as furniture, electronics, etc. must get approval in advance.

Exhibition Opportunity

We are currently working on the 2023 Exhibition Schedule.If you would like to be considered for a solo show in our Steinmetz Gallery (front, smaller gallery), contact Gallery Director Carol Herr at 717-687-7061 for details. You must be a current member to apply.


Farm to Table

July 17-August 11
In the Kauffman Gallery

First Place: Judy W. Smith: 'Pam's Garden'

First Place: Judy W. Smith, "Pam’s Garden"
Second Place: Patricia Keller, "Ralph the Rooster"
Third Place: Jeffrey McCredie, "Bill and Sallie’s Blueberry Family and Farm"
Honorable Mention: Anita Gordon-Palmer, "Bacon and Eggs"
Honorable Mention: Tony Bonazzi, "4 Apples and A Bottle"
Honorable Mention: Peter L. Hunsberger, “Farm Store"

First Place: Shirley Taggart: 'Not A Pair'

First Place: Shirley Taggart, "Not A Pair"
Second Place: Debbie Huff, “Splash"
Third Place: Mia Curran, "Hot Peppers, Plated"
Honorable Mention: Valerie Clingan, "June Picnic"
Honorable Mention: Rebecca Achenbach, “Parmigiana"

Road Show

July 17-August 11
In the Steinmetz Gallery

1st Place: Jim Fitzgerald: 'Pattie at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotis'

First Place: Jim Fitzgerald, "Patti at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia"
Second Place: Jeffrey McCredie, "After the Storm"
Third Place: Henrietta Holton-Thomas, "Cliffs, Colors & a Tavern"

Valerie Clingan: 'Twins on the Beach', watercolor

First Place: Valerie Clingan, "Twins on the Beach"
Second Place: Olivia Stoltzfus, "Sedona Red Rocks"
Third Place: Paul Gross, "After the Storm"
Honorable Mention: Barbara J. Weaver, "Cape Henlopen, DE"
Honorable Mention: Martie Brown, "Nambe Church"

Lancaster County Color

June 12 - July 7
An exhibit and fundraiser on the theme of Lancaster County Color.
Awards were presented in each of the Color Categories: Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue and Green.
The 5” by 7” works were hung in the gallery by the dominant color of each piece, like a large color wheel.

Lancaster County Color 1st Place Award Winners

First Place: Dot Stepenaski – “Blazes”, pastel
Honorable Mentions:
Brenda Blank – “Wheat Fields”
Elaina Posey – Untitled (Yellow)

First Place: Isabel W. Lark – “Market Tower #1”, pastel
Honorable Mentions:
Gay P. Cox - Mysterious Landscape
Dot Stepenaski – Punk Parade

First Place: Elaina Posey – Untitled (Red)
Honorable Mentions:
Dave Gibson – “Some Like It Hot”
Mia Curran – “Clematis Peeking”

First Place: Karen Labiak – “Strasburg Dawn”
Honorable Mention:
Barrie Gregory – “Tranquility”
Carol S. Herr – “Purple Garden”

First Place: Carol S. Herr – “Sky Blue”
Honorable Mentions:
Dot Stepenaski – “Waiting for Flowers”
Jeffrey McCredie – “Teal Farm Horses”

First Place: Judy W. Smith – “Sweet Onion”
Honorable Mentions:
Carol S. Herr – “Spring Green #1”
Paul Gross – “April Showers”

Spring Membership Show

May 1 - June 2

George M. Clark: “Village Bridge'

George M. Clark: “Village Bridge"

Evanna Morris, 'Cool Cones”, mixed media.

First Place: Evanna Morris, "Cool Cones”, mixed media.
Second Place: Scott Cantrell, "Reenactor Robert Beavers”, oil on canvas.
Third Place: Jim Fitzgerald, "Plein Air at Old Lukens 1st Ave.”, oil on masonite board.

Jerry Brown, "Middletown & Hummelstown RR”, watercolor.
Brenda Blank, "Venice Vibes”, watercolor.
Elaina Posey, “Wallflowers”, acrylic.

James Michael Elia , 'Brooklyn Sweet Lights”, watercolor.

First Place: James Michael Elia , "Brooklyn Sweet Lights”, watercolor.
Second Place: David Morrison, "Leaving On A Biplane”, acrylic.
Third Place: Allyson Valentine, “Mumuration”, oil on canvas.

Isabel W. Lark, "Auburn in the Orchard”, pastel.
Dennis L. Hughes, “Daylily”, watercolor.
Jan Deegan, "Through the Alleyway”, watercolor.
Greg Kinsch, "Free to Be”, acrylic.

Elementary & The Middle

A Youth Art Exhibit
In the Kauffman Gallery
April 3 - 21

Visit the Gallery Page to see images and a slide show of all of the award winning pieces.
This exhibit was made possible through the generosity of an anonymous sponsor.

The Toy Chest

A membership exhibit in the Steinmetz Gallery.
This exhibit ran concurrently with the Youth Art Exhibit.
To see images of all of the award winning pieces in both exhibits visit the  
Gallery Page.
April 3-21

1st Place: Elaina Posey: 'Still Life (Motherhood)'

First Place: Elaina Posey, ‘Still Life (Motherhood)’
Second Place: Carol S. Herr, ‘Old Teddy’
Third Place: Jim Fitzgerald, ‘The Magic Wind of Imagination’
Honorable Mention: Patricia Keller, ‘Ready for Tea’

1st Place: David Morrison: 'Through the Port Hole'

First Place: David Morrison, ‘Through the Port Hole’
Second Place: Gaylee Schachter, ‘Childhood Front Door’
Third Place: Jan Deegan, ‘Cat Angel’

Garden Show & Garden People

February 20 - March 24

First Place: Jerry Brown, “Amarylliglo“

First Place: Jerry Brown, “Amarylliglo“
Second Place: Brenda Blank, “Red Tulips“
Third Place: Judy W. Smith, “Only One“

First Place: Dave Gibson, “Apple Butter“, oil on panel.

First Place: Dave Gibson, “Apple Butter“, oil on panel.
Second Place: Gay P. Cox, “Summer Pond“, oil over egg tempera.
Third Place: James Fitzgerald, “Corn Field in Snow I“, pencil on paper.

Honorable Mention:
Kelsey Showalter, “Underfoot“, watercolor.
Irene Miller, “House of Flowers“, watercolor.
Cecelia Cox, “Peonies in Soft Pink“, oil.

First Place: Valerie Clingan, “Variations in Green“, watercolor.

First Place: Valerie Clingan, “Variations in Green“, watercolor.
Second Place: Marti Early, “Power Plant“, watercolor.
Third Place: Christine Kirk, “Sunny Flower“, paper sculpture.

Honorable Mention:
Theresa Sever, “Irises in February“, mixed media.
Debbie Huff, ‘Peacock Butterfly’, ink pencils.
Barbara J. Weaver, “Cherry Blossoms/Front St., Marietta“, watercolor.

Winter Membership Show

January 16-February 10, 2022

'Yellow' by Judy W. Smith, 1st Place in the Professional Category

First Place: Judy W. Smith, “Yellow”, mixed media
Second Place: Kelsey Showalter, “Bobcat”, acrylic/mixed media
Third Place: Brenda Blank, "The Old Water Jar”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Gay P. Cox, "Winter Dawn”, oil
Honorable Mention: Jerry Brown, "Valley Road”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Irene Miller, "Summer Breeze”, watercolor

William Milheim, 'Elakala Falls”, photography

First Place: William Milheim, "Elakala Falls”, photography
Second Place: Barbara Maley, "Stormy Day”, watercolor
Third Place: Marti Early, "Gold Creek Joy”, watercolor
Honorable Mention: Valerie Clingan, "Summer Shadows”, watercolor/illustration bd.
Honorable Mention: Joanne Leatherman, "A Winter Afternoon”, ink
Honorable Mention: Paul Gross, "Summer Afternoon”, photography

Volunteers Needed

Looking for a volunteer to take over the Plein air group.
Suggested painting sites and emails of artists interested in Plein air will be provided.

Gallery sitters are needed to watch the gallery when the staff is off.

Assistance with mailings or other office work is needed.


The following positions are available to serve on the LCAA Board:

Vice President


Advertising and Promotion

House and Property: In charge of making sure that the building is in good repair and clean, inside and outside.

Please contact Carol Herr at 717-687-7061 during gallery hours with your interest.

LAF (Ladies Art Forum)

Meetings for critiques and discussion are held on the third Thursday of the month at 2 PM.

All women members of the LCAA are invited to join LAF. You may bring work for critique or just come and watch. To check on whether there are any changes in the meeting date and how many are planning to attend, please call the LCAA at 687-7061 on the Wednesday before the meeting between 1 and 5 PM.