Lancaster County Color, June 12-July 7


All work is on sale - $55 each or 2 for $100 as a benefit for the LCAA!
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'Coffee with Lady Bug”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-1: Dot Stepenaski

"Coffee with Lady Bug”, Pastel. SOLD

'Red Tomato Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencils by Heidi R. Zimmerman

R-2: Heidi R. Zimmerman

"Red Tomato Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencils

'Strawberry Delight”, Watercolor by Karen Frattali

R-6: Karen Frattali

"Strawberry Delight”, Watercolor

'Red Pepper”, Mixed Media by Judy W. Smith

R-7: Judy W. Smith

"Red Pepper”, Mixed Media. SOLD

'After the Bloom Clematis”, Photography by Mia Curran

R-3: Mia Curran

"After the Bloom Clematis”, Photography

'Red Tulips”, Watercolor by Judy W. Smith

R-4: Judy W. Smith

"Red Tulips”, Watercolor

'Justine’s”, Digital Photography by Kristin Fortna

R-5: Kristin Fortna

"Justine’s”, Digital Photography

'Red Shed”, Oil on Panel by Carol S. Herr

R-8: Carol S. Herr

"Red Shed”, Oil on Panel

'Red Apple”, Mixed Media by Judy W. Smith

R-9: Judy W. Smith

"Red Apple”, Mixed Media. SOLD

'Red Sky Tonight”, Watercolor by Mike Kerr

R-10: Mike Kerr

"Red Sky Tonight”, Watercolor

'Lunch in the Park”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-13: Dot Stepenaski

"Lunch in the Park”, Pastel

'Giant Fly”, Digital Art by James Fitzgerald

R-14: James Fitzgerald

"Giant Fly”, Digital Art

“Plumaria”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-11: Dot Stepenaski

“Plumaria”, Pastel. SOLD

'Abstract Floral”, Watercolor by Marilyn Morrison

R-12: Marilyn Morrison

"Abstract Floral”, Watercolor

'Amaryllis Dancing”, Photography by Mia Curran

R-16: Mia Curran

"Amaryllis Dancing”, Photography

'Waiting for Tacos”, Watercolor by Brenda Blank

R-17: Brenda Blank

"Waiting for Tacos”, Watercolor

'Valleybrook Condos”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

R-15: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Valleybrook Condos”, Watercolor

'Summertime Joe”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-18: Dot Stepenaski

"Summertime Joe”, Pastel. SOLD

“Strawberries”, Oil by Dave Gibson

R-19: Dave Gibson

“Strawberries”, Oil

“Rose”, Watercolor/Marker by Marilyn Morrison

R-20: Marilyn Morrison

“Rose”, Watercolor/Marker

'Red Garden”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-21: Dot Stepenaski

"Red Garden”, Pastel

'Some Like It Hot”, Oil by Dave Gibson

R-22: Dave Gibson

"Some Like It Hot”, Oil
Honorable Mention. SOLD

'Red Burst”, Alcohol Ink by Barrie Gregory

R-24: Barrie Gregory

"Red Burst”, Alcohol Ink. SOLD

“Cardinal”, Acrylic by Peter L. Hunsberger

R-26: Peter L. Hunsberger

“Cardinal”, Acrylic

'Red Boat”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

R-23: Dot Stepenaski

"Red Boat”, Pastel

'Red Village”, Linocut Print by Carol S. Herr

R-25: Carol S. Herr

"Red Village”, Linocut Print

'Canna After the Rain”, Photography by Mia Curran

R-28: Mia Curran

"Canna After the Rain”, Photography

'All In A Row”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

R-29: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"All In A Row”, Watercolor

'Clematis Peeking”, Photography by Mia Curran

R-30: Mia Curran

"Clematis Peeking”, Photography
Honorable Mention

'Roseville House”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

R-31: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Roseville House”, Watercolor

“Barnside”, Watercolor by Carol H. Dale

R-32: Carol H. Dale

“Barnside”, Watercolor. SOLD

'Mostly Red”, Watercolor by P. Bose Schur

R-33: P. Bose Schur

"Mostly Red”, Watercolor

'Moms Favorite #4”, Watercolor by Carol H. Dale

R-27: Carol H. Dale

"Moms Favorite #4”, Watercolor. SOLD

'Cat’s Eye”, Encaustics by Patricia Mortenson

R-34: Patricia Mortenson

"Cat’s Eye”, Encaustics

'In the Red #1”, Collograph Print by Carol S. Herr

R-35: Carol S. Herr

"In the Red #1”, Collograph Print

'Cherry Blossoms”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

R-42: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Cherry Blossoms”, Watercolor,

Untitled (Red), Oil on Paper by Elaina Posey
R-36: Elaina Posey

Untitled (Red), Oil on Paper. SOLD
Red: First Place

'Market Tower #2”, Pastel by Isabel W. Lark
R-37: Isabel W. Lark

"Market Tower #2”, Pastel

'In the Red #2”, Collograph Print by Carol S. Herr
R-38: Carol S. Herr

"In the Red #2”, Collograph Print

'Pink Martinis Please”, Acrylic by Rebecca Achenbach
R-39: Rebecca Achenbach

"Pink Martinis Please”, Acrylic. SOLD

'Long’s Park Playground”, Watercolor by Barbara J. Weaver
R-40: Barbara J. Weaver

"Long’s Park Playground”, Watercolor

'Rose Opened”, Photography by Mia Curran
R-41: Mia Curran

"Rose Opened”, Photography

'Small Mysteries 190”, Gouache by Gay P. Cox
R-43: Gay P. Cox

"Small Mysteries 190”, Gouache