Lancaster County Color, June 12-July 7


All work is on sale - $55 each or 2 for $100 as a benefit for the LCAA!
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'Purple Garden”, Oil by Carol S. Herr

V-1: Carol S. Herr

"Purple Garden”, Oil
Honorable Mention. SOLD

'Shady Lane”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

V-2: Dot Stepenaski

"Shady Lane”, Pastel. SOLD

'Spring Blooms”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-3: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Spring Blooms”, Watercolor

'End of Day”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

V-6: Dot Stepenaski

"End of Day”, Pastel. SOLD

'Purple Tulips”, Watercolor by Patricia Keller

V-4: Patricia Keller

"Purple Tulips”, Watercolor

'Violet Bouquet”, Colored Pencil by Heidi R. Zimmerman

V-5: Heidi R. Zimmerman

"Violet Bouquet”, Colored Pencil

“Iris”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-9: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

“Iris”, Watercolor

'Indigo Clive Greaves Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencils by Heidi R. Zimmerman

V-10: Heidi R. Zimmerman

"Indigo Clive Greaves Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencils

'Before & After Crocus”, Photography by Mia Curran

V-7: Mia Curran

"Before & After Crocus”, Photography

'Small Mysteries 201”, Gouache by Gay P. Cox

V-8: Gay P. Cox

"Small Mysteries 201”, Gouache

'Beach in Spring”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

V-11: Dot Stepenaski

"Beach in Spring”, Pastel

“Tranquility”, Pastel by Barrie Gregory

V-12: Barrie Gregory

“Tranquility”, Pastel
Honorable Mention. SOLD

'Violet Trees”, Oil by Carol S. Herr

V-14: Carol S. Herr

"Violet Trees”, Oil. SOLD

“Rhododendron”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-15: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

“Rhododendron”, Watercolor

'Favorite Pansy”, Watercolor by Jan Deegan

V-16: Jan Deegan

"Favorite Pansy”, Watercolor. SOLD

'Purple Violet Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencil by Heidi R. Zimmerman

V-17: Heidi R. Zimmerman

"Purple Violet Gnome”, Pen & Colored Pencil

'Valleybrook Blooms:, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-13: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Valleybrook Blooms:, Watercolor

'Small Mysteries 203”, Gouache by Gay P. Cox

V-18: Gay P. Cox

"Small Mysteries 203”, Gouache

'Japanese Iris & Vinca Vine”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-19: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Japanese Iris & Vinca Vine”, Watercolor

'Strasburg Dawn”, Watercolor by Karen Labiak

V-20: Karen Labiak

"Strasburg Dawn”, Watercolor. SOLD
First Place in Violet

“United”, Pastel by Dot Stepenaski

V-21: Dot Stepenaski

“United”, Pastel. SOLD

“Hosta”, Photography by Mia Curran

V-22: Mia Curran

“Hosta”, Photography

'Willow Valley Flocks”, Watercolor by Henrietta Holton-Thomas

V-23: Henrietta Holton-Thomas

"Willow Valley Flocks”, Watercolor

'Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Grasses”,  Photography by Mia Curran

V-24: Mia Curran

"Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Grasses”,  Photography

'Grape Hyacinths”, Acrylic by David Spencer

V-25: David Spencer

"Grape Hyacinths”, Acrylic