Lancaster County Color, June 12-July 7


All work is on sale - $55 each or 2 for $100 as a benefit for the LCAA!
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“Midnight Walk”, mixed media by Jeffrey McCredie

Y-1: Jeffrey McCredie

“Midnight Walk”, mixed media

“Sunflower Field”, acrylic by Anita Gordon-Palmer

Y-2: Anita Gordon-Palmer

“Sunflower Field”, acrylic

“Gerbera Daisy”, photography by Mia Curran

Y-3: Mia Curran

“Gerbera Daisy”, photography

“Sunset”, watercolor by Jan Deegan

Y-6: Jan Deegan

“Sunset”, watercolor

“Tulips”, watercolor by Patricia Keller

Y-4: Patricia Keller

“Tulips”, watercolor, SOLD

“The Old Farmhouse”, pencil/colored pencil by Karl Zimmerman

Y-5: Karl Zimmerman

“The Old Farmhouse”, pencil/colored pencil

“Yellow Autumn”, oil by Carol S. Herr

Y-9: Carol S. Herr

“Yellow Autumn”, oil. SOLD

“Garden Doodles”, watercolor by Jan Deegan

Y-10: Jan Deegan

“Garden Doodles”, watercolor

“Crocus”, watercolor by Patricia Keller

Y-7: Patricia Keller

“Crocus”, watercolor. SOLD

“Golden Gourd”, oil by Carol S. Herr

Y-8: Carol S. Herr

“Golden Gourd”, oil

“Yellow Pear”, oil by Carol S. Herr

Y-13 Carol S. Herr:

“Yellow Pear”, oil

“Buckskin”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-14: Dot Stepenaski

“Buckskin”, pastel

“Sunflower Field”, colored pencil by Heidi R. Zimmerman

Y-11: Heidi  R. Zimmerman

“Sunflower Field”, colored pencil

“Blazes”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-12: Dot Stepenaski

“Blazes”, pastel. SOLD
First Place In Yellow

“Central Park”, watercolor by Carol H. Dale

Y-19: Carol H. Dale

“Central Park”, watercolor

“Yellow Dandelion Gnome”, colored pencil by Heidi R. Zimmerman

Y-20: Heidi R. Zimmerman

“Yellow Dandelion Gnome”, colored pencil

“3 Little Maids”, watercolor by Rebecca Achenbach

Y-15: Rebecca Achenbach

“3 Little Maids”, watercolor

“Daffodil Duet”, watercolor by Karen Frattali

Y-16: Karen Frattali

“Daffodil Duet”, watercolor

“I’m Cute!”, acrylic by Rebecca Achenbach

Y-17: Rebecca Achenbach

“I’m So Cute!”, acrylic. SOLD

“Wheat Fields”, watercolor by Brenda Blank

Y-18: Brenda Blank

“Wheat Fields”, watercolor
Honorable Mention. SOLD

“Horse and Buggy”, mixed media by Jeffrey McCredie

Y-21: Jeffrey McCredie

“Horse and Buggy”, mixed media

“Neigh Sayer”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-22: Dot Stepenaski

“Neigh Sayer”, pastel

“Amish Couple”, mixed media by Jeffrey McCredie

Y-23: Jeffrey McCredie

“Amish Couple”, mixed media

“The Lemon Sisters”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-26: Dot Stepenaski

“The Lemon Sisters”, pastel

“Tulip Yellow”, photography by Mia Curran

Y-24: Mia Curran

“Tulip Yellow”, photography

“Stand United”, watercolor by Kathryn Collins

Y-25: Kathryn Collins

“Stand United”, watercolor

“Daffodils”, watercolor by Marilyn Morrison

Y-29: Marilyn Morrison

“Daffodils”, watercolor

Untitled (yellow), acrylic on paper by Elaina Posey

Y-27: Elaina Posey

Untitled (yellow), acrylic on paper. SOLD
Honorable Mention

“Imagine A Nation”, digital art by James Fitzgerald

Y-28: James Firzgerald

“Imagine A Nation”, digital art

“Yellow Pepper”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-30: Dot Stepenaski

“Yellow Pepper”, pastel, SOLD

“Yellow Bird”, pastel by Dot Stepenaski

Y-31: Dot Stepenaski

“Yellow Bird”, pastel

“Autumn Leaves”, photography by Paul Gross

Y-33: Paul Gross

“Autumn Leaves”, photography